4:20 PM

I love...pretty much everything about The Good Place, but the first thing that comes to mind for me as far as favorite arc is Michael’s journey throughout season 2. The ways in which his exposure to the humans makes him better, how they keep trying to help him be better even when he semi-actively resists it - it’s so Read more

7:53 PM

Yeah, these moves are not giving me confidence that the people in charge have any idea what works and/or has worked in the past on this show. Orlando Jones and Gillian Anderson were the showstoppers of season 1 and made people want to watch (and honestly I don’t think the show can ever top the riveting, feverish power Read more

1:17 PM

Yeah, not to nitpick characterization too much, but I’ve been pretty disappointed with how they handled Lyra and her relationship with the Gyptians in general. I remember her being super eager to meet John Faa and immediately taken with Farder Coram, right? And I feel like we never got a proper introduction to Read more

9:24 AM

The music has been outstanding in general, but I have to give incredible credit to whoever engineered the needle drop to Sturgill Simpson’s “Turtles All The Way Down” as Wade follows the woman from the support group to the bar (then playing behind the entire scene in the bar). That was just sublime.

3:24 PM

Yeah, I rolled my eyes the instant I saw the picture. Kuiu makes legit gear*, the idea of wearing it as a costume is just stupid and braggy. Read more

1:23 PM

You know, I see the “he probably doesn’t even hunt” jokes a lot, and I get it, but he actually does. As a hunter myself, I personally think that makes him way more problematic and more cheeseball and is worth acknowledging. Here he is out taking EPIC PHOTOS of himself on public lands and waters enjoying world class Read more

2:41 PM

Yes, we can. A lot of invasive species management is about eliminating the invader. It’s about the fact that you’ve skipped a whole lot of barriers and dumped a completely new species into a system that evolved under different circumstances. Not all introduced species become invasive, but when we have species that do, Read more

1:18 PM

Under different conditions, sure. The issue with invasive species that human-facilitated introductions shrink the amount of time/space that it takes for a species to get from one ecosystem to another. Under conditions where humans weren’t facilitating distribution, you wouldn’t suddenly have a species from half a Read more

10:48 AM

This is the same reason I hunt; we’re lucky enough to be able to supply ourselves with most of the meat we need for the year via public lands where we live. When we aren’t eating game meat, we try to buy from producers we know. Good work raising awareness about what you’re doing and why you do it. Humans, broadly, Read more

11:01 AM

Yeah....not to be overdramatic about this, but I feel like I can draw a pretty straight line between this assumption that boys are loud, messy, like playing in mud and catching bugs and being physical, to the same kinds of stereotypes that leads people to assume that women can’t succeed in certain fields or be good at Read more

11:46 AM

That’s exactly what I thought when I read it. Regardless of any personal opinions he might have had about the story line, it was probably terrible for him to see people micro-analyzing a two-second documentary moment, etc., as proof that he hated the show that made him famous. That could also have career consequences Read more

2:29 PM

I know this isn’t the point, but I’m now incredibly curious about the agreement between the filmmakers and the extremely recognizable hunting brands (distinct camo patterns and at one point a glimpse of a logo) featured here.

9:30 AM

Aw, give him a chance. Have you seen Man from U.N.C.L.E.? That movie totally upended my assumptions about both him and Armie Hammer—they’re both funny and sharp in it. I think Cavill’s been handed a lot of clunky scripts. When he’s given interesting stuff to work with, he can deliver. 

7:49 PM

I thought the climate subtext was frankly pretty blatant, but even if I didn’t feel that to be the case, Mazin himself has been completely explicit about inviting the comparison of Chernobyl with climate change: Read more

7:53 AM

I think you’re underestimating the amount people care about the night sky, honestly, especially in more rural and remote areas. It’s not just those who are specifically astronomy hobbyists. I live in a place with a lot of dark sky; I can see the Milky Way at night. The idea of changing/taking away our ability to look Read more

12:01 PM

Don’t forget that people said the same crap about Heath Ledger when he was cast as The Joker...

9:22 AM

When are we going to start talking about the number of times Jon has to be saved from imminent death by a Woman Ex Machina? Sansa in Battle of the Bastards, Dany north of the Wall, and now Arya right before he’s about to be torched by an undead dragon? 

1:16 PM

I really like him. I think he got slotted into a few big budget “action hero” roles where the parts were flat as cardboard and the movie was kind of a mid-grade mess, so he just hasn’t busted out as a star the way he might have otherwise. He’s great and a lot of fun in side roles like this, see also Spartacus and even Read more

2:20 PM

That’s how sexism (and racism, and other forms of structural discrimination) works, though. Mostly it’s perpetuated in unconscious ways, not through intentional targeting of one group. Having significant blind spots about whose voices matter, what perspectives and people should be included at the table—or in product Read more

2:10 PM

I mean I’ve read a lot of novels about men having existential crises and cheating on their wives because they were bored at their advertising jobs or whatever, at least there’s a legit reason for her to go into a spiral.