Blueberry Jones
9/16/19 11:42AM

It’s amazing that with as many players as he’s seen, and how hot some of these guys seem to get on court, that he doesn’t have a single story about being verbally abused.  Granted the only person I’ve ever seen really go after the on-court help is Serena.

9/16/19 10:44AM

I know tennis isn’t a big draw on Deadspin, but this article was simply outstanding and made my morning. Thanks!

9/16/19 10:23AM

I was not expecting chill U.S. Open ball person to be my Monday motivation to be upbeat and not to let little annoyances at my job get me down, but here we are. Read more

9/06/19 12:45PM

General admission is the absolute fucking worst for any in demand event. The fucking worse. It just leads to lining up a million hours before the thing starts, people trying to find ways to jump the line, people arguing about line jumping, and people fighting about whether saving spots in line is ok. Read more

9/04/19 6:44PM

Seriously. And my god if this guy is a Djokovic fan the richness of this comment would just be too much for my feeble heart to handle.

9/04/19 3:18PM

Do you have backup or are you trolling?  My impression is that Federer hardly ever takes medical timeouts, and the commentators noted multiple times that he has never retired from a match - ever.  

9/04/19 3:12PM

I think LionYeti meant that Roger should have retired from the match, not that he should retire from tennis.  In the fourth set, it was clear that something was bothering him and that if it went to a fifth set, there was probably no way Roger could win.  

8/27/19 12:56PM

Sorry did she not take a banned substance and get suspended? I thought that happened?

8/21/19 6:46PM

Video Game Characters from Street Fighter hence I assume STREE OVERLORD


8/05/19 3:10PM

This dude’s career, lord. Kyrgios could retire after a 1st round loss at this year’s US Open or end up winning half a dozen slams and I don’t know what would surprise me more at this point