Wednesday 12:50PM

Well doing time travel / alternate time lines doesn’t raise my hopes that this season won’t suck shit like season1

Tuesday 6:54PM

This protest was in West Virginia. Good. How many of the people protesting were from West Virginia? Because that’s the only pressure that matters. The W. Va. teachers unions showed up strong in 2019. Those are the groups to connect with. Read more

Tuesday 9:17AM

R Kelly was enabled by black people, specifically those who around him who enabled him, did his dirty work and black women who continued to show up at his shows, buy his music and defended him.  

6/10/21 6:24PM

So the fact that he’s a serial sexual harasser and refused to pay child support until the court attached his back account is also conveniently forgotten by CNN? Oh wait....

6/10/21 6:19PM

cool, glad to know every sex pest can go unpunished because trump used to be president

6/08/21 6:31PM

Came hoping somebody made this crack. I salute you, Bloggy.

6/08/21 3:41PM

I’ll take six months in the “Bryan Fuller has left the project over ‘creative differences’” pool.

5/19/21 11:17AM

I see that DC is continuing with its erasure of its ginger characters. No more redheaded sidekicks! 😉

5/10/21 5:04PM

And now we wait for the #TeamEmily vs #TeamJonah battles to erupt.

4/23/21 1:15PM

I suggested this a few years back- all these gaming laptops available, and MS is making laptops now, they’d make a killing if they came out with an X Box laptop. Not too far of a stretch. 

4/23/21 1:15PM

I’d imagine they’re trying to side step all of this w/ xCloud. Why bother w/ specific hardware if xCloud can get up and running? A Surface w/ a good 5g or WiFi connection might suffice sooner than later. Also, then you don’t worry about the hardware competition game and can get the Xbox platform out and capture market Read more

4/22/21 4:40PM

I think Mr Fantastic's arms just fell off while he was trying to demonstrate how much of a stretch this is.

4/22/21 1:48PM

Even though I love living in the ‘burbs simply because I am separated from others thanks to the buffer of a yard (also in a development cul-de-sac that backs up to the woods), I am open to the ideas of others regarding better living situations. Read more