Mar 8 2018

You are caught in the woke conundrum of being for equal rights for women yet not wanting to offend a muslim so you end up confirming yourself as a total fucking idiot

Oct 19 2017

What about the last administration? It wasn’t particularly space friendly, was it? But that doesn’t fit into your narrative, does it?

Sep 28 2017

Agreed. I’ve lived in California most of my life and have moved all over. I’ve not once been able to find a non-HOA home that wasn’t A: a shit hole, B: in the ghetto or C: anywhere that wouldn’t give me a 1.25 hour commute. Just not easy to find in some places. Read more

Aug 26 2017

They slow down older models based on the identifier number, they all do it. Read more

Aug 1 2017

Please Don’t pander to me, seriously. It’s insulting to me and every reader here who knows better You tried to put one over on us twice and you’re still doing it, still brutalizing the English language to leave “from Russia” in there when it has no fucking business being in there.
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Aug 1 2017

Really FTA, WTF? I see no correction because it still says FROM Russia. Read more

Jun 2 2017

I mean wow, I don’t even know where to start. First, this was an honest question, I threw in the Bernie Sanders bit as a part troll, part hey not every white racist likes Trump but I wanted someone to explain why this was terrorism and not a hate crime. How long had this guy been planning this ‘terrorist’ attack out? Read more

Feb 9 2017

Exactly. And if that Prius owner is anything like California Prius owners he won’t even notice that his mirrors are missing.

Feb 8 2017

Fun fact: Sweet Potatoes aren’t potatoes. Potatoes are nightshade, like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. Sweet Potatoes are morning glories. Read more

Jan 13 2017

I’ve had that same feeling and I’ve had trouble articulating it. This is literally the worst outcome imaginable. Not just him winning the election but every single decision he’s made since then. It’s fucking terrifying. And the news coming out every day is just getting worse and worse.

Nov 8 2016

Alan Turing, the guy who created the theoretical basis for the computer you typed that retarded comment into, was chemically castrated and eventually killed himself because he was convicted of being gay at a time when being gay in the U.K was a crime.

Feb 13 2015

I'm sorry but the last story sounds like the very definition of crazy. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I bet both her and her husband have large stable families and have the support to change their lives but refuse to do so and continue to make stupid decisions. I know many Read more

Feb 13 2015

I don't understand the hate your comments (and others like it) are getting. Why can't we blame the parents for shitty choices and, frankly, giving their already existing kids more miserable lives than they already had? Why is it up to the employers to make sure a family can support 7 kids, they don't have to care Read more