Blind Willy
Mar 25

I’ll let ‘em filter out porn only so long as they include their silly religions in the list of shit harmful to minors, too.
Anyone below the age of 21 should never be exposed to that crap.

Feb 18

my 2 cents are to avoid Subaru as I’ve found their bushings and links don’t love rough roads for long periods of time. At least the older models don’t. Avoid the CR-V because it has the worst AWD system in its class. Read more

Feb 17

Ted Cruz can get fucked with a frozen gas pipeline

Feb 17

Cruz will argue that global warming is a hoax because Texas froze over.

Feb 17

Rafael should know all about freezing being Canadian and what not.

Jan 30

Agreed. I love mine. It’s an Aussie version with the 159L (42 gallon) fuel tank.

Jan 28

Have one, completely agree. Mine is dead reliable at 125k miles and drives better than a new Wrangler still. Drives 10x better than a similarly used Xterra. No carpet = great for the dog. Fat sidewalls make it float over dirt roads.  Has gone up in value since I purchased it 2 years ago.  Spent a few hundred on a Read more

Jan 12

You could argue “21st Century Schizoid Man” is more relevant than ever.

Jan 5

As an LC200 owner, I think it really just needs some Android Auto/Apple Car Play love. Otherwise, the interior is fine.

*pic for ghits and shiggles*

Dec 23

That sounds worse, but no less annoying than the ones texting at a green stop light causing anxiety and road rage to simmer behind them.

Nov 27

I came to post the same. For the MSRP price of the Signals unit, you could get the Meater Block instead which is truly wireless and works with rotisserie roasters. These probe units would get their wires intertwined. No thanks.

Aug 26

Careful, as a former Brave user; check up on the way it handled third party referral links to cryptocurrency urls, for example. Read more