Blind Willy
May 6

You beat me too it. All you have to do is run your hand about 3 inches OVER the grates and feel where the hotspots are.
I guess we needed to write a story today, lol

Apr 28

I felt worse with the first shot. Sore arm and tired and achey.
2nd shot I felt fine, just a slightly sore arm.
My wife had the blah’s like you did, but only for 24 hours.

Apr 27

You will always be learning and adjusting how you grill things.
I do like using different charcoals for different foods and results. Read more

Apr 26

Dude, I was skating back in the day of Tracker Trucks and OJ wheels.
I remember at one point having an Alva board. That would have been in the late 70's in Melbourne Fla.
A couple of years ago, my grandkid was trying some tricks in the drive way. I asked to check it out and he chuckled. Then his jaw dropped...
Not too Read more

Apr 22

What about those pods both for laundry and dishwashers?
I buy the dishwasher ones and pretty much assumed they were just right for a cycle of washing.

Apr 22

You forgot campfires.
Cotton balls coated with the stuff make for great campfire starters.

Apr 19

I was in Southwest Houston about a month ago, and saw the Nuro cars (with drivers in them just in case) delivering for Krogers Grocery Store.
They were all over that neighborhood.

Mar 5

I don’t know yet, the trip will be in August. I can tell you that Laurel looks bigger than what’s on TV. Looking at google maps, there is a lot around the town square, as in a lot of suburbia.

Mar 4

Well they peck at the window while flying up and down it, then land on the ledge and caw at themselves.
I dunno, I’m not a bird expert, just passing on what I see.
That being said, there ARE bugs and shit outside the windows. They aren’t feeding however, looks more like territoriality or confusion. 

Mar 4

Me too, in fact, this summer the wife and I are on a road trip to Florida and want to stop in Laurel to check out their downtown area, shops, etc.
That being said, I like the Renovating Galveston folks the best. Having lived in Galveston for a few years, I know folks there that know Ashley and Michael personally and Read more

Mar 1

We’ve had Ravens and Crows do this on our large windows on the 2nd floor of our admin offices at our warehouse. 

Feb 24

Fry’s really went to hell around DFW about 2 years ago.
From one day to the next, there was nothing on the shelves, you couldn’t find what you normally were able to find. (in my case, adapters for HDMI to DP or DVI to DP).
My coworker just last week told me he went in there on a whim. It was like a sad ghost town, he Read more