Feb 10 2017

This entire article seems like a very valid metaphor of my trying to make it through work today.

Jan 1 2017

Haha right! I should get to test this soon. :)

Dec 26 2016

I’m going to be honest: I thought they spoke Japanese.

Dec 22 2016

Aww man DKR, I know Mario Kart came out earlier but this game blew it out of the water and some of it’s mechanics were used in later MK games like different vehicles.

Dec 22 2016

This may be the greatest article I’ve read all year.

Dec 15 2016

THUMPER gives me serious anxiety... and I LOVE it. It’s almost painful when you fail, and the satisfaction when you succeed is insane, especially in the later levels...

Dec 15 2016

For me, Thumper taking the rhythm game and making a truly surreal industrial oppressive frightening experience of it was a really nice surprise.

Good list though, wasn’t complaining. :)

Oct 16 2016

Textra is by far the best. It’s polished and constantly updates with new features (it had the iOS “big emoji” look only days after the Apple conference). I love the quick reply box, with options for texting later, replying in different ways, etc. The GIF keyboard and the ability to take pics directly in the app are Read more

Sep 15 2016

One of the enjoyment of buying a used cartridge is seeing people’s saved games. It was always very hard for me to delete someone’s game but I always left one or two saves untouched.

Dec 30 2015

How I’ve missed the anthropomorphized-animal based platformers.

Dec 26 2015

Do Christmas gifts to yourself count? If so, I got myself something to get me back into music as I’ve neglected it the past few years.

Dec 22 2015

I’ve always been curious about Dream and it’s eventual transformation into Banjo-Kazooie. It’s really cool to finally see some gameplay depicting that transition. Read more