3/14/21 5:45AM

It’s all sadly revealing. Certain people on “our side” are just as tribalistic as their republican counterparts. 

3/13/21 4:50PM

I’ve read a few articles which really flesh out how Cuomo’s style of burning bridges and leading by bullying isn’t the best if you have something like this brewing in the background. Also, I realize that you need an extreme personality to want to be a top political leader, but even by that standard Cuomo seems to be Read more

2/01/21 3:15PM

Movies like Annihilation and Hereditary might come to mind while watching In the Earth, Read more

2/01/21 2:48PM

yeah I know right? who writes an article without mentioning that sort of detail in 2021

2/01/21 2:38PM

So ... um I may have missed this but how can we watch this? Is it streaming? Theaters only?

2/01/21 2:27PM

It looks like he’s trying to kiss her and she’s like laughing at it while trying to say nah, not the moment.

12/04/20 6:38PM

If nothing else this public display of ignorance will hopefully slow down cries for Shuri to become Black Panther and make them accept recasting T’Challa (I’m going with John David Washington). Boseman can be what Connery was to Bond: the originator who set the standard all others will be judged against. Benching the Read more

11/14/20 8:17PM

I’m glad the article pointed out that McCartney is a former Beatle. I was having trouble placing the name.

11/09/20 3:39PM

Same here. I wish there were clues on some of their album covers that could have given it away...

11/09/20 3:13PM

Wow, way to pull out this obscure bit of trivia that I’m sure no one reading a review of a Paul McCartney album has ever heard of before. Did you guys know that Ringo wasn’t the Beatles’ original drummer?!?!?!

11/07/20 5:05AM

These are the same people who think it’s flattering to compare Donald Trump to Thanos and his campaign to the Death Star.

11/06/20 6:28PM

Be honest, though. You were just going to waste those 45 minutes anyway.

11/05/20 2:55PM

The sad thing is, it wasn’t hard to research.  A quick Google search reveals how unnecessary this whole article is.  It’s just mean for no reason.

11/05/20 2:30PM

This whole article is cringey, mean spirited and poorly informed. You don’t need to “hope” that they froze rent. You can read the article written by one of your colleagues which explicitly says they did.

11/05/20 1:41PM

The hysterical policing of another woman’s hair choices is a good exemplar of why no one takes progressives seriously.

11/01/20 11:48AM

Yep, so we bought’em from Hot Topic. (see to your girl, it looks like something you bought from a store!!!) Still - probably one of my favourite impulse buys ever PLUS they were perfect for playing cello and guitar in 48 degree weather! (had matching masks not-pictured!)