To be fair, Keanu is rarely, if ever, identified as Asian American. It’s not like Neo was Daniel Dae Kim or anything. Read more

His betrayal of Neo will be legen- wait for it— dary. Read more

Beyond and The Second Renaissance I & II blew my mind when I saw it first, especially since Beyond was randomly shown on MTV one early evening. I missed the start, only seeing from when the girl was searching for her cat so I had no idea what it was. When I saw the connection I was dumbfounded. Read more

Cannot recommend Animatrix enough. Those episodes were great world building. And the videogames were very exciting in their times.  Read more

I just hope that this film doesn’t embrace WOKE LEFT CULTURE, and continues the trend of the original about being about CHADS and STACYS waking up to the real world with traditional gender roles and advocating for MEN’S RIGHTS. /s Read more

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The film’s trailer opens on Jefferson Airplane’s “Go Ask Alice”

All this is pretty common knowledge, young people (I’m God damn 42). Read more

At the time I was working on an Aliens licensed product, and we got an early Alien 3 script. This script had Ripley crash landing on, essentially, a medieval planet, with a large castle outpost that was populated entirely by a human religious sect sworn to never use violence or modern technology ( hence, flying off to Read more

Alien 3 has some issues. Even the movie’s most ardent fans have to admit this, given that it went through countless story, script, director, and editing changes, leaving what many feel is the most muddled of the four classic Alien films. Read more

She and Rosie O’Donnell had bit parts and they were both clearly having the time of their lives. What a silly reason to back out. Read more

A League of Their Own was one of Madonna’s only good roles.  Read more

I was thinking of him too, and Garry Shandling. That was devastating. So So happy we didn’t lose him. Read more

I was so scared of having a John Ritter situation.  Living in a world without Bob isn't fun.  I hope he takes it easy and recovers soon. Read more

One time Community guest star and voice of the caramel M&M Read more

And that’s when Abe Lincoln said, “Don’t diss my homies!” Read more

Odenkirk’s particular brand of surreal sketch comedy has influenced so many of my favorite shows (directly or indirectly) that I have no clue what my own sense of humor would be like if he never existed.
Read more

It’s all sadly revealing. Certain people on “our side” are just as tribalistic as their republican counterparts.  Read more

I’ve read a few articles which really flesh out how Cuomo’s style of burning bridges and leading by bullying isn’t the best if you have something like this brewing in the background. Also, I realize that you need an extreme personality to want to be a top political leader, but even by that standard Cuomo seems to be Read more

Brandy’s advice here is good. Loyalty for its own sake is not a virtue.  Read more

What the Republicans call socialism, normal people just call society. Read more