There’s another version where the whole planet is made of wood, and the monks keep having to burn the planet to stay warm.  Read more

she plays “all the way” Mae, like, it seems like potentially inspired casting. Read more

I worked on the lot in the late 00’s! Read more

Look, the way government works is people pay taxes into the public pot, the government then uses these collective funds for the benefit of the populace and to improve society. Read more

I’d be like, “wheres the field, how long ago?!” and I’d immediately go to that field and exhaust myself searching Read more

Yeah. Saw the part where she says an ex stole her cat...sorta had me wonder if the ex was just a good person who felt the cat was not getting good care in that home.  Read more

Q only accuses left leaning people of being pedophiles. Cause the Christian Right and Christian catholics have never done anything pedophilic.... Read more

America is such a clusterfuck there are so so so many adults with no group to belong to. Imagine the dissonance of both yearning for connection but also having no idea how to maintain it, so you just try to say whatever you think will get a ride from others. It’s this constant push/pull of connection. Masking the pain Read more

Looks like he’s in one of those switcheroo movies and he’s slowly becoming a black man Read more

I think you misunderstood my post. Read more

I can’t tell if you’re being snide or not. I feel gaslit reading a ton of comments that seem to conflate a toxic work place with something trivial like not remembering a name, and then people being sympathetic toward Ellen. I think not remembering a name is not a big deal and not at all the toxicity being reported- Read more

Here’s an article about Ellen’s toxic work place- and people are framing it like the worst thing she did was forget a name. And then forgiving her for that. Read more

Well it’s also interesting because...well these girls are getting a head start on what IS acceptable. Our society absolutely objectifies women and treats them like objects to sell merch. S/ But if it’s an adult well that’s fine. They’re choosing to enable this aspect of society so that’s cool. But kids, they don’t Read more

I think for me it’s like....I’ve been outraged by things this Admin has done and said, which was greeted by zero outrage from the right. Read more

Wasn’t ICE purchasing some of those expensive Wayfair items? I thought I read that Read more

I’m sorry for what you’ve gone through. Read more

Right?! The pile of accusations is incredible large. But like you said, just taking what he himself has said, it’s astounding people don’t see him for what he said he is.  Read more

This is astute. It’s crazy that there’s a line somewhere...:is it age? Is it appearance. But on one side you’re a victim and on the other you’re a liar looking for attention. Read more

Omg remember THEIR solution to the bathroom bill? So odd that, in order to make sure no funny business is happening in bathrooms, they’d force women like Laverne Cox into a men’s room and Chaz Bono into a ladies room. Problem solved!!! Read more

The idea that Trump has any interest in stopping sex trafficking just makes zero sense. Read more