Enjoy Stardew! It’s simple but really fun, and because the clock system is different from Animal Crossing you’ll find yourself playing multiple days without realizing it. The most dramatic it gets is usually backstory of love interests - I’m thinking particularly of Penny, who, to put it vaguely, isn’t happy at home Read more

What hellscape offices do you visit? Headphones at offices are as common as staplers. -Sincerely a careered office jockey.

What are you playing this weekend?

Chris Jones’s right arm/us Chiefs fans in general/2001 Oakland Raiders fans/your blood pressure/The World:

Very fitting for the Giants to give up on a guy the rest of us wrote off 5 years ago

You must be new to the internet so I will provide this handy graphic useful for all occasions.

There’s a platoon of Main Line moms around me that will be devastated that they can’t push their trendy (and temporary) life choices on their toddlers.

Timbuk 3's “The Future’s So Bright”

Yeah, it’s just a bunch of teasers for a sweepstakes they had to go visit the set. Not even made by the AHS people.

That trailer contains no actual footage from the show. 

He’s a big C&H fan. He’d have seen through that one in a second, I’m afraid.

This is fucked up. I have two boys who are 8 and 11. My 8-year-old gets anxious about the drills, and I had to hold back tears when he told me his teacher was telling the class that she’s strong and “can fight” to protect them, and showed them an alternate exit. He then explained to me how he’d run from “the shooter Read more

Get Mick Fleetwood on the case…

Damn, that’s a good one. This site needs a root beer taste test, I’m realizing.