5/08/20 11:27AM

It completely blows my mind that people think car dealers should sell cars to them for less than what the dealer paid/pays.

4/28/20 11:53AM

No, the models were grossly wrong by many orders of magnitude. 

4/14/20 12:40PM

Polish man crashes car into cemetery, police have found 300 dead and are still looking.

4/10/20 10:49AM

That take is too cold for Jalopnik. Everyone here thinks if two people are in the same place at the same time then the whole country dies. I’m pretty sure I can sign paperwork without contracting a virus.

4/08/20 9:54PM

I’d take this over the bullshit Tesla is putting out any day of the week.

4/08/20 4:52PM

“DoEs AnyOnE ElSe HaTe ScReeNs oR iS iT jUsT mE?”

4/08/20 4:49PM

Wow, what a brave option to have on Jalopnik. Bravo.

4/05/20 1:31PM

Guessing that’s a supra, since that’s what everyone associates MkIV with.

4/02/20 12:01PM

Why hate on trucks? I prefer cars too but modern trucks really are the do it all vehicle. They make a lot more sense than an SUV to me.

4/02/20 11:51AM

You do realize that a lot of people actually work for a living and need trucks, right? That Kale salad you are eating was grown by a farmer that needed a truck. That structure you are living in was built by contractors that needed a truck. The internet you are using to post was installed by a person who was driving a Read more

3/30/20 4:04PM

Nice idea but they don’t care. They are lying their way through this and are trying to be the first one out and a new leading economy. COVID was a godsend to the Chinese economy. Before COVID their failing economy was all on them but now they have the world collapsing with them and they are a few months farther in the Read more

3/30/20 3:54PM

The Chinese goverment, emphasis on goverment here. Should be paying reparations to the rest of the world for this.

1/27/20 5:48PM

I like the pre-92 Camry more. The interior had that futuristic japanese look. The latter Camrys seemed more homogenized and americanized.