4/27/14 12:29PM

Yes, I do mean well, and as a woman, the issue I discussed is beyond important to me. I cannot post on GT due to a clear misunderstanding.

Now, considering what I wrote above, as well as in my previous comment to you, I do not seek anyone in particular, and I certainly do not harass. My standing up for what I firmly Read more

4/14/14 4:53PM

It's worth noting that in the show, the idea of magical poisonous crystals kinda comes out of nowhere, but the strangler crystal is set up way at the beginning of book two. The books are full of all sorts of little connections and mysteries that fans have been piecing together forever now — including Jon Snow's true Read more

4/14/14 1:01PM

Agreed. This article reads like copy paste from a news site with a trite "Such an awful tragedy" tacked on at the end. It's lazy at best and damaging at worst. If a story which only perpetuates manufactured outrage about "murderer mothers" had to be covered it would have been nice to see some attempt at insight, Read more

4/14/14 12:20PM

She said she thinks the blog is using rubber necking headlines, and that it seemed like voyeurism to her. I think context matters here. She didn't call anyone a rubber necker or voyeuristic, and she was pretty clear that it was just her opinion. To me comparing someone to a MRA is intentionally insulting and in the Read more

4/14/14 8:09AM

Also, "shaming" has to be the most over-used concept on this site. Criticism is not shaming. Quit being such a baby.

4/14/14 7:52AM

"His woman was likely suffering from a severe and possibly undiagnosed (or miss-diagnosed or under-diagnosed) mental illness and that's a very real, horrible issue that women all over the world deal with every day." Read more

4/14/14 2:42AM

Very well said. "Silencing" is a strange way to describe what was a fairly low-key criticism.

4/14/14 2:18AM

Honestly the article alone seems sensationalistic and titillating. If it had gone into some of the issues you raise in this comment then it would be less so. What's the point of sharing a gruesome story without telling the audience WHY you are sharing it and bringing some of the important issues to life? As it stands Read more

4/14/14 1:45AM

How do you know this woman is mentally ill? There's no indication of that in the coverage. So everyone who behaves in ways with which you don't agree must be mentally ill? Because that is some serious ABLEIST bullshit. One of the biggest problems surrounding proper treatment for mental illness is overcoming stigma Read more

4/14/14 1:38AM

Rebecca, I'm curious — is there ANY point at which you feel that a blogger can be too sensationalistic or exploitive? Or is really any topic that a Jez writer wants to talk about in any manner acceptable? The issue I have with this article is simple, it's another OMG THIS WOMAN KILLED HER CHILDREN feeding frenzy, Read more

2/19/14 4:31PM

"It seems similarly strange that liberals who are statistically less likely to believe in the afterlife are way more into preserving the earth for future generations, generations that they'll ostensibly not be present in any form to interact with." Read more