4/08/14 11:25PM

I mean, clearly all those men goosestepping with their perfectly coiffed hair in Hugo Boss were a big gay army, and the pink triangles were just the people who rejected joining them, duhhhhh. Read more

3/08/14 6:52PM

Thank you so much for writing this. Every single thing you said was true and perfect. I want to show this to everyone I know. Read more

2/25/14 3:26PM

The thing that makes so little sense to me here, is that cis female models tend to have the bodies of adolescent boys as well. Typically fashion designers choose models who are size zero, flat chested, tall, with no hips.....

2/21/14 11:14PM

LAME! My best friend from high school's dad wrote the first movie, and if they are doing a second, he should write this one too!

1/25/14 8:52PM

Sorry! I never venture over here to Jez main page because there is so much snark, so when I read that I took it as such. Read more

1/25/14 8:30PM

That's interesting! It's a pretty commonly held belief though that genetic factors which contribute to anti social behaviors especially ones which lead to later psychopathy are usually triggered in early life. Read more

1/25/14 8:23PM

It's not my opinion. I was a psych major and my mother is a psychotherapist and I have studied this subject a lot. I don't have a citation at this moment because I didn't just quickly wikipedia it when I read the above comment, but I was basing this on previous knowledge I have, and therefore I don't have a quick link Read more

1/25/14 7:20PM

There generally isn't a strong genetic factor with anti social personality disorder. This is a personality disorder that can usually be traced back to some sort of neglect, abuse, or trauma. Studies have shown even that something which may not seem incredibly note worthy, but turned out to be—babies lacking touch in Read more

1/25/14 7:11PM

Another reason it would be great to try and notice the signs in children is that very often anti-social traits are caused by serious disturbances in the home life, trauma in early life, or serious neglect. If children as young as three are demonstrating these signs and these signs are being noticed? Perhaps they can Read more

12/13/13 5:06AM

I'm the same way. I have a few problems, because 1. I LOVE musicals! But god, I hate this show, the writing just plain sucks. but also 2. I have a friend who is on the show (I'm not gonna say who or anything), but that just makes me really want so badly to like the show. But I just can't.

12/13/13 1:54AM

I remember about four or five years ago when I lived in Hollywood, and knowing that slur is very offensive (At a certain point, again, when do people get to stop claiming ignorance! The internet exists!), and I remember watching glee, and hearing them say that word over and over in that horrifyingly awful Rocky Horror Read more

11/27/13 4:17PM

(haha, sorry. My favorite high five gif. Not trying to smack you in the face).

11/27/13 4:09PM

AGREE. Not only for those reasons, but also for the sake of the turkey—the best way to make a turkey taste delicious is to stuff it with aromatics, rather than stuffing. (Aromatics such as onion, garlic, rosemary, thyme, sage, apple, lemon, carrot, etc)

11/17/13 3:00AM

No, not your problem. I am so sorry. I saw this get posted, and that was my immediate thought. I was sure that this would be triggering for people on GT, because people have written posts about their emotional journey's afterwards! Again, I'm really shocked. Read more

11/17/13 2:21AM

Yeah I was really shocked when this comment was shared/posted to GT. It's fine as a comment to an article, as a joke, but I'm pretty sure this is a very triggering issue for more than a couple people on GT who have gone through this, and are still dealing with their emotions on the subject. I'm glad you said something.