Blane Alexander Schwindt
Mar 13 2018

I saw a comment section without a stupid BMW turn signal joke. Wait, no I didn’t.

Sep 15 2017

Good to know the price of those Mustang core demographics hasn’t changed much in the last 25 years. Read more

Jul 27 2017

I once had a state trooper who was CONVINCED my digital tire gauge was a crack pipe, and got all up in my face about it until i told him to press the button and the display lit up. It was balanced out by his partner recognizing it immediately and laughing his ass off behind the dumbass the whole time, which made it Read more

Apr 27 2017

huge pothole... right outside a tire shop hmmmm........ i have a feeling come the middle of the night the owner of said shop is gonna be out there with a pickaxe fixing his little moneymaker

Apr 24 2017

Wait until the Demons start coming out of Cars and Coffee in the hands of goof balls like these. The carnage will be epic.

Apr 24 2017

“Why is it always the people with shitty cars that try and show out? No one gives a fuck about your 10-year-old V6 charger, I promise.” Read more

Mar 17 2017

And then set up cameras so you don’t miss a second of the fun.

Mar 1 2017

I’ve seen this LaForza parked around midtown before:

Feb 14 2017

when you exceed 100 mph, something rises up from the seat and tickles your balls, just in case you were thinking that life couldn’t get any better

Dec 29 2016

Honestly astounded that no one got shot.