Oct 8

What are his favorite games? Has he played Potion Explosion?

Oct 5

I am not going onto Twitter to check, but I hope someone responded to him with something about cook and chill.

Oct 4

There is a coywolf den in my neighborhood, and those things are deceptively large. Lots of untended smaller dogs and outdoor cats went missing before the den was discovered. Kira catches its scent every so often on walks, and she is ALERT.

Sep 28

I got a good look at it this afternoon. The cutout is holding a yard flag, and there is a thin blue line flag in the next window.

Sep 28

Are you cycling heat and ice packs? Are you doing stretches to keep things from seizing up? Have you taken anything? Read more

Sep 27

Why do I have the feeling if you and I ever had sushi together the bill would be $80+?

Sep 27

Eel has to be cooked. Eel avocado rolls are my favorite!

Sep 16

JUST BOUGHT A DISHWASHER Y’ALL! It had to be an 18 inch model because my house is stupid. We wanted white to match the cabinetry. And since it shares a common wall with the second bedroom we wanted it to be as quiet as possible. There is a national appliance shortage, so I was calling around to try and get lead times. Read more

Sep 11

Daaaaaad, stop painting the kitchen! I am bored!”