Feb 3 2019

As a young boy, Hot Wheels had me firmly convinced Ford Fairmonts were the coolest cars ever. The conviction died quickly as I grew up.

Nov 7 2018

I just dug through my computer and can't find it. I was trying to remember if I ever kept it, I don't think I ever saved it, just showed it to her and that was it.

Nov 6 2018

I did something similar to convince my wife I needed a Honda Ruckus. Yes it ended with Bring the Ruckus by Wu-Tang. Read more

Nov 1 2018

I just googled Space Duster hopping for some kind crazy 70's someone was on acid graphics package or something... nope, just the seats fold down for more cargo space. Read more

Oct 28 2018

You can't go to David Tracy's in Detroit, when you guys go to bed the BMW will be a BMW, when you wake up it'll be a rusted out actively burning Jeep.

Oct 3 2018

Nascar races are usually scheduled for a 4 hour broadcast time (not counting pre and post race stuff) and routinely go over that time. Fans seem to be complaining about how long it takes to watch a race. Read more

Sep 28 2018

I watched practice and qualifying earlier today and according to the announcers the biggest issue is the tires are a harder compound to survive the banking which is causing huge traction issues on the road course section.

Sep 20 2018

Why do I continue being a Jets fan? Sure I was born in NY, but I only lived there until I was 7, I could have become a Bears or Colts fan when we moved to IL. I could have become a Rams fan when they won the Super Bowl the year I graduated high school. I lived in Seattle in 2013, I could have just jumped on the Read more

Sep 14 2018

Volvo C30, it was supposed to be a throwback to the P1800 and they left out the best part.