6:47 PM

Sticking with North Carolina isn’t there a really low bridge off North (?) Tryon street in Charlotte, just outside the Uptown (downtown) area? This is going back a few years when I worked in the area but trucks would often get stuck if/when they missed the signs and failed to go around the overpass.

7:28 PM

I feel stupid asking this, especially since I am sure the answer is in the article and I am missing it, but what is “the Chamber’s PAC” that the money went to? I am assuming they are connected to or in some way support Orion but am not sure (Chamber of Commerce maybe? Do CofCs support candidates?). Thanks. Read more

3:52 PM

Know nothing about this beyond the (for me soundless) trailer but it almost looks like a prequel to a Children of Men (maybe A Handmaid’s Tale?) type situation. I get the impression that there are no real babies anywhere for whatever reason.

11:17 AM

What? You use “dialogue free”and “gripping heist” in the header, then no mention of Jacques Dassin’s great Rififi but instead give us a Buffy link? Heresy! Read more

3:27 PM

If and when you get done with the original (best) Dark Shadows, its two movie spin-offs, its two reboots (or three if you count the Tim Burton one), the radio show, the Big Finish series, maybe even the comic books, Marylin Ross’ paperback series, plus other novels that came after, you can watch Strange Paradise, a

4:21 PM

I was going to go with James Bond as someone with a high body count. Never even thought of David. Though if we go the SF route (now that I think about it) what about some of the Star Wars characters like Tarkin? Read more

2:58 PM

Possession (1980 or 81) is the film that immediately comes to mind whenever a question like this is asked. Not my favourite horror film, not saying it is a great or even good horror movie, but it sticks with me mostly due to the “what the hell is going on/what did I just just watch?” I have been left with after Read more

11:28 PM

A small nitpick but the Wolfen of Wolfen, or of the original novel, are not shapeshifters of any kind. Though in the movie they are presented in a more mystical or supernatural light than in the novel (in the book they are “just” their own species) Edward James Olmos’ character Eddie is simply messing with Dewey in Read more

1:22 PM

Was it just my imagination or was Kyle Mooney onstage or onscreen more than usual last night (not a complaint of any kind)? Read more

1:24 PM

“I would gently inquire whether or not she was the fall guy for her husband, Willem Dafoe.” Read more

11:25 AM

I do not drink wine but for cooking I have always kept (well, for as long as they have been sold) those little boxes of wine around (currently have a couple of small Black Box brand, um, boxes in the pantry). Avoided the cans since they came out just because they are not resealable (plus they seem to be slightly larger Read more

12:43 PM

“Others, like That ‘70s Show star Laura Prepon, dig themselves a Scientology-sized hole and lie in it peacefully.” Read more

10:21 AM

Looks like they fixed it, renaming itJean Grey” (though they moved it to last place in the run).

10:19 AM

Too late to edit but I think the word I was looking for was mash-up, not hybrid.

11:26 PM

These are all amazing (a couple I actually like more than the way they appeared onscreen) but a couple of questions. Read more

1:43 PM

Apologize upfront for what is a stupid question, or because I have missed something in the article, but when the release uses the words “of Indian descent” in this case do they mean someone whose folks at some point came from India, are Asian American (Indian American?), or someone who is First Nations? I see that Read more