Apr 15 2015

No physical evidence? How about a shell casing/gum with DNA, video surveillance footage, tire tracks, etc. There were complications, sure, like a lack of a clear motive, and no murder weapon, but there was plenty of physical evidence. Read more

Apr 15 2015

There are a few ways that the conviction can come in: (1) if used to impeach his testimony (if he testifies), (2) if the defense tries to put on evidence of his good character to show that he did not commit the crime, or (3) if being used to show intent, pattern or MO (paraphrasing this last bit). Read more

Apr 15 2015

Yes and no (which is why it’s not a good question to ask on Twitter). You can’t bring in the prior conviction as a means to show that the defendant probably committed this crime as well (unless it’s to show that D has a particular habit). You can bring in the prior conviction to rebut D’s assertion that he’s a Read more

Apr 15 2015

While there wasn’t a murder weapon, there was a mountain of other physical evidence.

Apr 15 2015

They had actual physical evidence placing him at the scene. Plus his lawyer said during closing that Hernandez was there (but only as an innocent, unknowing witness — yeah, right). And then there was the body.

Apr 14 2015

You’re right, I screwed that up, and I’ve corrected it above. My apologies for accidentally implying the Chargers were capable.

Apr 7 2015

This guy drove a Ferrari around a Hawaiian island for 8 seasons.

Mar 17 2015

Wow… that was really kind of amazing that he managed to not squarely land on/injure anyone. Either luck or presence of mind, but either way that's impressive to watch. Read more

Feb 25 2015

It's a video of Dez Bryant flying MH370 to Kazakhstan, just like Jeff Wise said.

Feb 24 2015

It has black people in it? This is definitely getting a Best Picture nomination next year. Read more