Less the wife, more the way said by Pratt made it seem like his son with his first wife was a non-factor with an ablest flair Read more

Maybe this could be something helped via the strike negotiations? Because the skepticism is completely valid: is acting treated with enough equity to celebrate achievements with fair neutrality? Female actors still have a different shelf life, weight, and career trajectory to male actors, which is worse when you Read more

Oh that would have worked better for them: particularly if they leaned into their success prior to coming out and what it means  Read more

The fucked one I saw recently was a bunch of "he must have CTE" crap. I hate people so much Read more

What’s funny, as someone born and raised south of Richmond: NoVA and the RVA region carries a shit ton of water for the entire commonwealth economically and educationally. There’s always a type who would happily excise those bits off... but if that were to happen ooowee would the stats nose dive.  Read more

See, but that traumatized lil racist > sane people Read more

Oh, now that's just unnecessarily cruel to Lifetime movies Read more

Honestly regarding the firefighters, cops, and the military MAGA-nuts it’s between bigotry and lack of daily parades for being awesome (if they actually made it to retirement - so many leave or get drummed the fuck out) with too many not in positions that value critical thinking. Sure, so many got retirement before Read more

Stolen nuggets while working > any bought nugget even fresh out the grease. HS/College McDonald's: ruined both ketchup and sweet tea  Read more Read more

Nope. But with Lauer and the GMA banging scandals people get nosy Read more

Pretty much. They’d been the happy tourist attractions everyone wanted had anyone gave enough of a shit to call some folks out for being extra racist and drama hungry and gave both access to a reliable shrink Read more

The point is the notion of broad popularity/’crossing over’ still being A Thing in 2023. The ‘just be happy she swept R&B’ crowd forgot the 'stay in your lane!' crap endured when her Texan ass swung by the CMAs to sing with The Chicks or the Lil Nas X crap or how in the same night Bad Bunny's performance was shittly Read more

Where’s Tim Allen’s white knight? Read more

Putting a big hank of weight on Burris, but no smoke for Hill - with co-writer cred from the Apatow school of humor-writing even as he grew more serious? We are back in the ‘who writes and tells the stories’ situation. And then to watching: so much is out there.  Read more

Not the version we have in mind: thank Coke for that.  Read more

And so it was, in the Year of Our Lord 2023, Timothy Alan Dick sat aggrieved on his giant pile of Disney monies earned in nigh on thirty years. Woe unto him, for a pre Me-Too era anecdote tickled the eyes of readers and ye verily he is going to be ok and all aware of statutes of limitations and early to mid 90s sexism Read more

But man is the money and infamy gooooood. Sigh.  Read more

I wholesale respect it... but if the MCU got its head out its own ass with the source material he could've had both. Sadly Guardians is toy fodder Read more

So... another reason to not cut the cord... ffs Read more