Sep 18 2016

The difference in milliseconds on a controller in Destiny is nothing like CS:GO or other PC shooters. And I’m sure you do just fine. But in terms of professional level FPS play, and even MOBAs, age is very much a factor.

Jul 1 2016

I’m not sure what kind of answer “Drowning” was looking for asking someone relationship advice who 1)does not share the same faith convictions or 2)ascribes to a “whatever feels good/works for you philosophy” or 3) isn’t even a doctor. Read more

Apr 29 2016

Nope. Sorry. You do not punish players who exploited a terrible bug you let slip through. You fix the bug as fast as possible, but you DO NOT punish players for taking advantage of your bad QA. Read more

Apr 11 2016

Marvel fanboys are tripping over themselves to make this comparison, as if no action movies have ever combined rock music and humor before GOTG.

Mar 28 2016

Its easy to hate on BvS.
Its not my favorite by any means, and I’d totally give a lot of the critics their flaws in it, but I still can’t bring myself to say its a complete travesty like many on this particular media network would have you believe.

Also, you’re right Age of Ultron was effectively a ‘good’ Transformers Read more

Feb 12 2016

C’mon. You know it was much worse then with all the chromium foil hologram polybagged bullshit.

Jan 19 2016

You seem to be implying that Batman is personally deciding the fates of these criminals. He captures them, and then brings them to law enforcement to allow the law to decide what their sentence should be. The people get to vote public officials into office who then make adjustments to the current system to match the Read more