3:45 PM

I can count the number of people I know who married their high-school sweethearts on the fingers of one hand with enough spares left over for the rings of every human Green Lantern. Read more

11:40 PM

as of this post (my own), theres only 5 critic reviews, 3 bad 2 good, thats...just not enough to call it universally bad. Lets wait a little longer, eH?

12:33 AM

Really? Thats an awful headline, the entirety of the trailer was mostly ‘fun’ and ‘heres our villains being action-y’. Way to lead the audience there.

Look I get expectations need to be held in check, but lets be honest, this trailer is a breath of fresh-air after BvS.

12:00 PM

The Shadow talents “Legacy of the Void,” “Reaper of Souls,” and “Fortress of the Mind” have been removed so as not to cause confusion with expansions for other Blizzard titles. Read more

7:32 PM

I’ve personally felt the bite of the ‘burnout’ as far as being a streamer. Also the sting of being forced into a corner with content.
A somewhat quick story:
I started streaming on twitch around october 2014 (13?), I had it in my mind I could be like a lot of my favorite streamers (like Day9!), only I thought I could Read more

2:48 PM

Its easy to hate on BvS.
Its not my favorite by any means, and I’d totally give a lot of the critics their flaws in it, but I still can’t bring myself to say its a complete travesty like many on this particular media network would have you believe.

Also, you’re right Age of Ultron was effectively a ‘good’ Transformers Read more

1:42 PM

For a while now its felt like TWD and A Game of Thrones have been in a race of chicken to see who goes ‘over the top’ more. The last season of AGoT I started to feel how you do now. TWD for whatever reason has been easier, maybe because the horror themes make it more okay for me to digest since they’re more of random Read more

1:49 PM

It was just a reprint, yes granted it got new packaging and i think a few rules things cleaned up slightly.

11:42 PM

I love Betrayal! Its a lot of fun and one of those games thats great in a group, especially when the villain(s) come out and really fun to see how the various omens n’ such make a play on it.. It didn’t come out this year, it got a remake about a year or two ago. Its a strong recommend from me and one game I should Read more

11:39 PM

Oh man, yeah I get it. Its a huge bummer. While few and far between Solo board games do exist, and can be just as entertaining as say a Single-Player Video Game.

6:35 PM

If you can’t find a group, there are ways to play it Solo. But really board games like Pandemic are best with groups, so if you can’t find many to play it with I’d find some online groups or websites and maybe trade it for something you’d like.

That said, Pandemic is a fantastic game! If you have even a chance to play Read more

9:45 AM

Thats vaguely what I’m saying. The characters change and evolve so much, little details, big details.

Either we can just go with it, accept reboots as they are because these comics are constantly changing, and the continuity is virtually pointless, or accept the changes simply for what they are. New writers are going Read more

10:31 AM

Depends on ones criteria for reboots. In Marvel’s case no, the universe is still ‘the same’ except pretty much if not all the characters aren’t in their most recognizable form. Granted they weren’t before secret wars, but most of those stories felt like they were treading water until secret wars ended, and are just Read more

10:54 AM

lol, most definitely. Thats more or less what I want people to be thinking each time I write here. Theres a lot of creative design in board games nowadays, these little recommendations only scratch the surface.

1:37 PM

I can give you that, I don’t quite believe it either, other than I haven’t seen a performance DROP.

That said, the only other argument is, *its bethesda*, the company notorious for buggy, potentially broken, and somewhat unpolished (in specific respects) games. Its entirely possible that they ditched the textures for Read more

12:55 PM

I can’t speak for the performance bit, as I haven’t noticed any drops or real performance increase. But I have the linked mod installed and it really does look fantastic.

I guess my real point is, is that if this mod doesn’t impact performance, then its something that could actually fly well on consoles. But I Read more

12:20 PM

Theres a separate mod that more or less ‘unlocks’ the full textures that in are in the game files actually.
Read more

7:24 PM

Within the campaign yes.

I *think* it can be played with a minimum of 3. There may or may not be rules for 1v1. At that point it’ll pretty much be Skirmish mode with slightly different abilities for all involved.