Blackbeard Ben
2:54 PM

I think of the 45 calibre pistol that’s been in tons of movies, TV shows and videogames.

12:10 PM

Confirmed: The Jalopnik Bounce doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll bounce “up”.

11:33 AM

Honestly man if they can have some sucker pay $500 for .05lbs weight reduction, go for it. Means they have the $$$ to shove a flat 6 into a Cayman for 2020. 

11:01 AM

You’ll probably remember a few years ago Victor Muller of Spyker did a Q&A on Jalopnik. I forget what I asked him, but it turned into him telling me how a Spyker is more like a house in the Hamptons than a car. Read more

10:55 AM

Porsche people can be insufferable, but at least the brand acknowledges their rich racing heritage, and builds on it. 

10:51 AM

And exactly why I respect Porsche the most as a brand. They want their cars to be driven. Fuck the speculators, you want to sell a 911 R for double its price? Here’s a GT3 touring with a manual. Read more

10:57 PM

I wish I had kept the bone-stock ‘73 Squareback I had *mumble* years ago. Okay, it had an EMPI shifter but was otherwise stock. Read more

10:38 PM

Not just back then! P38a Range Rovers had/have a well-known issue where strong electromagnetic signals (typically airport radar) would cause the remote central locking brain to keep “waking up” the main computer board. Which would then never go to sleep again, draining the battery over the course of a week or so. LR Read more

10:10 PM

EMP ruining an analog car ECU! Oh man, that’s wild. I love that kind of esoteric car knowledge that (generally) only the mechanics come to find out. Thanks for sharing. 

8:18 PM

worked at a vw/Porsche dealership back then. we had one type 3 replace 3 computers in a month...that had the service wizards from new jersey up there for a week. turns out you couldn’t park at a radio station when they switched from night broadcasting to daytime power! I learned about EMP way back. Read more

2:58 PM

Yeah, once you damn near kill a kid (on Christmas eve no less) it kinda pisses you off when people don’t also take measures to be seen. I had a kid turn from one crosswalk and dart out the other way and didn’t think about it at all and I didn’t see him until I was slamming on my brakes. I didn’t hit him thank Gawd but Read more

4:31 PM

No, I think you have something. Any time you gather a traveling group, there is a certain amount of ‘us against them’ involved. Road bicyclists will often form a peleton and take over a travel lane, knowing that by law they should yield some for passing cars. Same with pedestrian groups. Even politely asking them to Read more

3:06 PM

I could be way off, I probably am, but this just feels like a quieter version of the Harley packs. At least where I am, they’ll get 10-15 in a group and go a stately 25mph and fuck you for being behind them.