Blackbeard Ben
11:16 AM

“Rent-a-Rims” are such a thing here! This is the answer to the question of how someone can put so much $ into rims and tires for an $800 1981 Chevy Caprice. What’s funny is when you see jacked up donks on 14 inchers and you know they got repo’d.

10:52 AM

Couter point: The L trip wheels look fine. Better even. Maybe add some trim somewhere to distance it from the rental fleet, but otherwise they look fine.

10:26 AM

Going to a larger wheel diameter doesn’t really increase the size of your contact patch and it absolutely doesn’t increase the amount of grip you have. That’s dictated mostly by the air pressure you’re running.

If anything, going to a taller wheel will make the contact patch shorter which is bad for traction.

10:16 AM

Now why don’t you take a long, close look at this ‘67 GT500, Mayor Vaughn-- These wheel-to-sidewall proportions are correct.

10:12 AM

Big and Thick and Fresh with a full size Spare 

10:10 AM

Low profile, big wheels are the BIGGEST problem I have with resto-mods. Sometimes I am fully on board with the execution, but then 99.9% of the resto-mods I see just have AWFUL wheel/tire set-ups. Sidewalls that thin don’t work with the proportions of these cars.

10:01 AM

True story, Mrs. Ghost and I took a trip down to the panhandle once to visit family in the Coast Guard, and we were absolutely flabbergasted to discover a booming business of wheel rentals. I’d personally never purchase massive ostentatious rims, but I get why people would do so, but renting them? That’s a truly Read more

9:55 AM

The bigger question for me as a consumer would be, who the heck makes 23" or bigger tires and how ungodly expensive would they be to replace? 20's on SUVs are already pricey.

But then again, if you’re buying a car with wheels that big, tire prices probably aren’t a big deal to you. So as long as wheels this size don’t Read more

3:18 PM

Bet that does sick 4 wheel burnouts...