Blackbeard Ben
Oct 17

I don’t think you’ll find very many people here who agree with that sentiment. Most will say sedans can have 2 doors, but coupes cannot have 4 doors: Read more

Oct 13

I was thinking that perhaps in Japan with the extremely low firearms ownership level and the amount of restrictions on them, it was probably deemed unnecessary there.

Oct 5

This. I feel like this is a concept that has not been done justice. In the sub-$100k bracket there was the Honda CR-Z and... that’s it. Read more

Sep 29

Is it really cheaper to have a needle though these days? LCDs can serve multiple purposes, so you can get rid of (or add in low/zero cost indicators for) things like a fuel light, turn signal light, high beam light, etc. I’m sure some of the idiot lights may be mandated by law, but surely not all of them?

Sep 1

I’m guilty of buying a hot dog at the theater once or twice when I was too late to get dinner before the movie.

Jul 30

Agreed that below idle speed in first is worse. Unless you’re in a stop and go traffic jam going up a parking ramp or a 10%+ grade road. That is manual hell - or a really difficult challenge at least - if you don’t have hill start assist.

Jul 21

P.P.P.S. “Jason and the Cargonauts” or even “Jason and the Cargonuts” / “Jason and the Car Go Nuts” also have a very Jalopnik-thematically appropriate ring to them.

Or, for your Scimitar and Tioga, “Jason and the Car Go Naughts” (or “Jason and the Car Go Nots”)!

Please stop me already!!! I am having all too much fun Read more