Oct 3

Available soon at the Mitsubishi dealer that’s likely in the shady town 20 minutes away. Get yours for zero down and 18% APR for 84 months. No credit needed!

Jun 26 2019

Now if someone could please explain what the rest of the car was for?

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Sep 19 2018

Interesting side note: Sony and Nintendo where originally going to partner on a SNES Classic add-on but Nintendo announced they were working with someone else so, here we are, Playstation Classic. 

Aug 2 2018

DNC - we believe in nationalizing everything, inventing then capitalizing upon grievences that don’t exist and inclusion...unless you’re Bernie Sanders and people want to vote for you.
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Aug 1 2018

‘solid actors like Tyrese’ - What? seriously? Tyrese is the ‘solid’ actor of the F&F ensemble? In what universe?

Jul 21 2018

I’m having a hard time pinpointing exactly what it is about the BMW X6 that makes me so uncomfortable. This thing is bulky. It’s big. It looks like it shouldn’t function and yet somehow it does. People of the 2010s, tell me what you are imagining with this bad boy whatever-it-is.

Jul 5 2018

The sport has been around for 60 years now. The terms are well established.

This is a post by someone whose job is to write articles, and thus have pretty good grammar.

This is also probably my biggest grammatical pet peeve. It’s akin to people who hate hearing the word ‘moist’.

Jul 3 2018

I won’t ask who hurt you but obviously it was someone named Crystal.

Jul 2 2018

I dunno, calling Nissan out for basically being Nissan is a bit unfair since ‘Meh’ is their bread and butter. Yes yes, occasionally something weird/surprising/sporty comes from them such as the Juke, Murano CrossCabriolet, and the Z-cars, but these are mainly put out to see if the general population who buy their cars Read more

Jul 2 2018

Do you have to be the overweight, know-it-all store manager of an underperforming GameStop to own this? Because that’s who I picture driving one of these things.

Jun 28 2018

Really, I mean it is over stressed FCA garbage for the flat brimmed set. Do you actually want it? 

Jun 24 2018

Balance of Power.  You even need to ask the question?