May 22 2018

You forgot to mention how absolutely atrocious these things looked with the top up.

May 12 2018

I’ll second that. I just bought a CX-5 and I hate the blind spot monitoring system. For one it’s too sensitive in that it alerts we when a car is a full 2 lengths back, and two it’s entirely pointless. If your wing mirrors are adjusted properly you don’t have a blind spot.

May 12 2018

Giant fender flares on an otherwise stock wheel/tire truck. It looks ridiculous and serves no purpose.

May 7 2018

They aren’t Daimler-Chrysler designed (Aspen technically is) but can we just laugh at how terribly the 2nd gen Durango/Aspen has aged?

May 4 2018

Neither the Tahoe, Suburban, or any of the GM full-size SUVs have an XLT trim.

Feb 23 2018

GM’s Chinese subsidiary already makes a better looking compact version of this.

Aug 21 2017

Not to be “that guy” but...that’s a 1Gb Eclipse, not a 2G.

Sep 26 2015

Look at the oil pressure- the truck is off and the ignition in “Run”

Sep 13 2015

It has mostly everything to do with NASCAR dickin’ around with the aero packages until they found one that made the Toyotas competitive. And yeah, I can’t stand Edwards either- he’s got that kind of face that you just want to punch.

Aug 17 2015

Exactly my thought process when I priced the Colorado. The dealer gave me the deets on a Z-71, Crew-cab, V6, long bed. I was sold until he then showed me the actual price on a Z-71 Ex-Cab Silverado w/ All-star package. Looking to lease the truck anyway, the Silverado was actually cheaper.

Jul 22 2015

The power increase could have been accomplished with an aftermarket tune. The transmission should have been “ugraded” from the start. Lastly, you call a couple of tacky LED DRLs a facelift? LOL

Sep 2 2014

When Japan tried to out-bore each other...