At this point they’re just changing the price week by week?  Read more

Yes it’s boring AF but the OP drives an XC60 so I dont think driving dynamics is top of the agenda. Get something you can waft about in serene comfort and reliability and you can pick your flavor of buttery smooth V6 loveliness or serene hybrid efficiency.

It’s also worth mentioning the level of leveraged debt that Twitter will now take on with interest payments of around $1bn (according to the NY times) a year. Slashing costs is going to be the only way to even break even. Musk, like most smart-ish rich dudes leveraged Tesla equity to fund part of the deal also. So the Read more

Not surprising as the sales numbers have fallen off a cliff from half a million only a few years ago to barely 100k units. I grew up with Fiesta’s, everyone in my family has owned one and I’ve had two. It’s a sad day that Ford decided it wasn’t cost effective to electrify the supermini as they can eek more profit out Read more

At least they’ll get to write off the loss against taxes for quite a few years to come! (presuming Nissan actually plans to try and make some money at some point in the future) Read more

Once again I feel the need to scream “just because something is expensive, doesn’t make it luxury”  Read more

I can maaaaaybe understand some of the big fancy trucks having large payments - some if it can be related to business expenses so justified that way and even in normal times the truck market is fairly competitive so you’re not always that far upside down on a loan. But I do think some tech folks who are paying $1k+ Read more

I’ve always had a soft spot for these. I’m glad they upped the power a little for the latest model year but damn I wish they’d give us a turbo version. I know the market probably isn’t there for it so it makes no sense but I love the idea of jacked up hatchback with the WRX powertrain. C’mon Subaru! Give us a Read more

This is a strange story and i’m intrigued to hear the details if and when it gets to court. I’m also a Hertz Gold plus presidents circle blah blah blah whatever they’re calling it these days and even though it allows you to just jump in a car, you still need to show your ID to leave the lot. Otherwise literally anyone Read more

I’ve lived in CA for 6 years now and it’s ALWAYS because of ‘refinery issues’ which begs the question, what on earth is the incentive for oil refiners to invest literally anything in maintaining their equipment. Other than safety risks, why bother? if something breaks the price soars and its literally a license to Read more

I understand that this is where the market is now, but $50,000 (at least, once VW dealers have added their ‘blessings’ to the window sticker) for a Golf, no matter how fancy it is, just doesn’t seem right. At least the Corolla and Civic will probably outlive us all. This would barely live long enough for a 3 year Read more

Uhm I’d say it was more H van inspired than 2CV but I guess its a similar design ethos

This is another impact of the huge success of the Maverick - now other companies want a piece of that pie. Now how do we convince Toyota to give us a smaller truck than the Tacoma with the RAV4 Prime drivetrain?  Read more

It’s disappointing that we cant have EV sports cars. I get that weight is the biggest issue but the use-case makes sense. Often used on weekends and/or as a second car AND instant fun speed - so it makes sense to have an EV sports car but the lack of a manual and weight issues definitely makes it logistically Read more

VW actually used a rebadge for their european minivan too - the Sharan was just a Ford Galaxy (and also a Seat Alhambra) one of my friends mum’s had one and I loved riding in that damn thing. It was like a spaceship compared to my mums Volvo 940

Just to be clear, Nissan wants to charge $40k+ for a car that has been completely unchanged in 8 years, in a segment that is rapidly dying AND still has a particularly crappy CVT? Good luck. I know the market has shifted considerably, but Nissan was easily selling more than 100k units a year back in the 2000's - Read more

This is a niche choice but my ‘21 Sonata has a thing where you have to have your seatbelt on in order to actually move. I get the safety reasons behind it but I’m constantly shuffling cars around at home on the drive/garage and its annoying to have to get in, put the seatbelt on for a few seconds of just moving Read more

This is a disappointingly practical selection of vehicles. The Toyota’s are of course the best answer here. I’d throw in an older RAV4 or CRV into the mix too because the ride height would be better although probably both are more car than she needs. Speaking of which my suggestion is a 2014 Subaru Legacy because why

The good news is that it’ll make the current V8 AMG’s future classics! Read more

I don’t understand how these things get through testing with actual humans? We know most new cars go through real world testing - hence why we get all the camo shots of upcoming cars. I see a camo’d next gen BMW X1 on my commute most mornings. So we have to assume these things, along with the infuriating infotainment Read more