Jan 25

Call me a cynic, but I fully expect these assholes to all land on their feet eventually, because the world is unfair and annoyingly kind to mediocre white people.

Jan 13

”Who fucking cares” is exactly right. They’re getting death threats this week like many of their colleagues have for as long as they’ve been in office. Fuckin’ Ayanna Pressley’s office had the panic buttons ripped out before the attack. And they know that it was done before the attack because they’ve had to use the Read more

Jan 13

Now Republican members are leaking to the press (and also trying to launder through their Democratic colleagues) that they really, really want to support impeachment, but are scared to do it because they are receiving death threats to themselves and their families. Read more

Jan 13

I posted this elsewhere but it was never ungreyed: Republicans are going to make this everyone else’s problem. If they keep pushing healing and unity, and that healing and unity are never achieved, it will be the Dems fault, it will be Biden’s fault. They can sit back and start pointing fingers and shifting blame. Read more

Jan 8

I secretly think her lawyers despises her and wants to show her whole ass to the world via a viral interwebs clip. I would also want to slap the stupid out of her, but this is an easily achievable way to have your shitty client self own themselves.

Nov 20

I won’t miss my mom’s husband who’s transformed into a Trump supporter, but I also won’t miss my sister’s partner who two years ago left her without a vehicle, job, or way to pay the rent to get back together with his ex-wife. Somehow he made his way back into her life and she’s made it clear that we’re all just Read more

Nov 20

Most of my idiot family is dead, so I’ll be hanging with my very liberal brother and Mamma. OT, hope it’s okay for me to talk about this bff is taking a tropical vacation for Thanksgiving. I asked them if they were aware that people in the medical profession are telling people to stay home, but this friend Read more

Nov 15

The thing that angers me the most is that we would have saved a lot of businesses/lives had we given people the means to support themselves for ONE month of no work/no contact than this 8 months of hoping it works out for the best. It clearly hasn’t. I’m upset that people are still choosing to eat outdoors in triage Read more

Nov 14

Honestly? Snap at your friends. They’re being selfish assholes and endangering themselves and anyone they come into contact with while traveling.

Nov 13

Totally agree, and I share your frustration. I want to go see my family so so badly, but even with testing before and after, the risk of travel is too great. Read more