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I feel the same. I will gladly let pretty much any person touch, sit in, or try to drive my car. But the time I found two women I didn’t know sitting in it with a guy taking pictures of them I felt violated. This is the sort of thing that happens when you tell people they can touch other people’s stuff without asking, Read more

Opel was a real car company before ‘Muricans ruined it... See Volvo, SAAB, Jaguar, etc. Read more

Cheaters are usually the most suspicious guys. So if US Intelligence is telling me that Chinese IT spies on behalf of the Chinese government, I’m taking it as, mostly, meaning US IT spies on behalf of the US government. Read more

How To Make A Beautiful Car

1.) Look at Toyota’s current designs.
2.) Don’t. Read more

Weird question: was this advice request in the comment section of a post introducing “Tough Love” a while back?” Because I think it was me (as t-slackss or the burner on my old phone) who posed this question and mostly I remember getting roasted by other commenters. Since I think it was me, here is the plot twist: Read more

I brought and wore earplugs to the race in 2012, but I did have to experience several laps “unprotected”, and I’m glad I did. Read more

Agreed. That looks like it is a silicone cause band. (i.e. a livestrong band type of dealie) If someone needs help getting one of those off, they probably shouldn’t be let near a plastic bag for fear of suffocation. Read more

I mean, yeah. There were only a little over 21 MILLION Volkswagen Beetles made. Read more

One of my favorite RPG characters was lawful good. It was a Black Crusade game that transitioned into a Pathfinder game because of weird magic bullshit, and my Chaos Space Marine got turned into a Paladin. Read more

I’m amazed how many times I’ve come across an idea I thought was new in an old journal somewhere. Read more

Guys I got this issue too while copying larger files, then someone recommend me Long path tool software. And it nailed it. Seriously!
Read more

This is hilarious since this is the same organization that lets Maldonado race. Read more

That car sat under my neighbor’s carport for about decade before I finally had the courage to ask, “Hey, what are you doing to do with that car?” Two weeks later, the guy comes back and says, “It’s yours if you can tow it away.” They have 944 Turbo in a barn that I also yearn for, but like, how many times are you Read more

My advice, and this seems weird, but trust me on this. Go to the under side of a rocker panel, and put a small scratch in the paint in an inconspicuous area. You cause the first one. Its no longer perfect, no longer a vehicle a in a bubble. Now drive it. Its insured. Its just sheet metal, wire, plastic and rubber. Read more

At this point, most old Miatas are used up half-wrecks and not particularly reliable either. A decent Spitfire has been restored to better than new condition. I don’t tinker with my Spitfire. It gets a Saturday of annual maintenance every year, then it is good to go for the summer. The Spitfire is a lot cheaper and Read more

“Don’t go in there, that door hasn’t been opened in 60 years, the room is completely empty and we save money just keeping it closed & keeping the lights off” Read more

Do you think the symptoms of a mold malady could be confused with lupus? Read more