Witch Hoggle
May 23 2018

It would appear that Obama must continue to play the “Magical Negro” role until white liberals are satisfied with his overall performance.

May 23 2018

He only had the most stressful job in the fucking world for eight fucking years. He’s a fucking private fucking citizen and can do whatever the fuck he wants. Read more

Feb 15 2017

Instead, she got beat down by Matt Lauer, who responded to her usual word soup with, “Kellyanne, that makes no sense.” Read more

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Jan 14 2017

We’ve got a long history of diversity and welcoming people to our community.” Read more

Sep 29 2016

Is Julianne the same bitch that wore blackface for a costume?

Jul 15 2016

no, that tweet is dated to last december. he’s just joining the conga line of republicans hurling their dignity merrily onto the bonfire so they can serve taco salad on the trump train.