Jun 5 2019

But at the end of Bogus, they had sons not daughters. 

Apr 12 2019

My gut reaction to hearing the title “Rise of Skywalker” was that Rey would start a new order of Force users - somewhere in the middle of the Jedi and the Sith - called the Skywalkers.

Dec 23 2018

What exactly was bold and fresh about Last Jedi when it was essentially a retread of Empire Strikes Back?

Dec 6 2018

I don’t know why.  Clearly the answer should have been finding the person who hates fighting games the most and have them do the review.

Oct 24 2018

Given that Poki looks absurdly cute without makeup, why does she use it in the first place? To please the people that would complain about her without it? If so, why does she feel like she needs to please these people?

I don’t get it, really.

Oct 24 2018

Robin Hood Video Claims People Want To See Upcoming Robin Hood Movie

Oct 19 2018

MK9's story mode revived that damn series.

Oct 16 2018

So, they add a moustache to a Superman rather than CG one out.

Oct 13 2018

Reaction is mixed, especially here on io9, but for my money, Punisher was a hell of a lot better than most of the Marvel Netflix shows other than DD.

Oct 9 2018

I agree, I actually think spiderman would have been better if you got hurt diving from the top of a sky scraper. Obviously being a super hero I think the damage taken from a fall should be greatly reduced but once you’re empire state building height it kinda broke the immersion to neatly roll out of a head first Read more

Sep 25 2018

Pete Davidson is an unfunny nothing. SNL sucks. Chevy Chase might be an ass, but he is correct that SNL has been bad for a really long time, and the present cast might well be the worst ever. It is time to cancel this dreck. Read more

Sep 25 2018

He’s basically right on everything here but I’ll go to bat for Christmas and Vegas Vacation, both of which came out after ‘83.

Sep 25 2018

Just wanted to point out that the wig-gag wasn’t about old Dante being uncool, it was more like the new Dante not liking the style... and having it at the end of the game. He was like “Not in the millions of years” and then few days later boom, white hair.