Eh they’re pandering female versions of Bill and Ted into this film....seriously...

Confused about the conspricy thing. If they release a trailer that shows “the real design” wouldn’t fans be happy.
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Sonic is a very popular character with Kids even today and the games all sell really well. Clealry kids don’t have an issue with Sonic’s actual design.

I thought we were past the trend of making everything explained via science. Read more

We’re so getting played by this movie. The trailer is too on point for it both as a bad movie with a cgi furry and a bad videogame movie to be an actual representation of the movie.

Really. Go watch the Emoji movie for a better example of a trash kid movie.
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Last main character in one of their story modes was a non white women, shut up.

The make-up on Harbour is awful and hides to much of his facial expressions. Hellboy needs to be brimming with character and this make-up just isn’t doing it’s job. Read more

Why do these pictures always look like some guy who works out gained 30 or 40 pounds and then lost it.

X-Men is about the only reason I’d really be excited for Marvel after End Game.

When is the Barney movie where he goes to high school to recruit his old kid friends for adventure and gets arrested.

The make up on Hellboy looks really terrible, the actors face looks frozen and he sounds like he can barely open his mouth to produce words.

Frankly I’m surprised Mystique wasn’t killed off in the last film.
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Jafar looks very missed cast in this film. I’m assuming Jarfar is going to be Aladdin’s long lost childhood friend that the film does nothing with.

I feel like this would be far more interesting as an animated film.

When are they gonna realize that the only thing left in the lake is a tire and boot.

Jake Gyllenhaal can do quirky humor.