Well, it is the devil’s music.

This is kind of splitting hairs, but the events named in the article and in the comments don’t fit the definition of public mass shootings owing to being massacres with an aim in mind. Mass shooters, according the working definition, kill people randomly. They might target specific people, but to be included in the Read more

I think you make a very good point regarding the way American history whitewashes these events. Some of them I knew about, particularly Rosewood. Others, I’d only heard of or didn’t know the details. But I also think there’s a dimension to the 2013 definition that’s meaningful here. The authors specifically state that Read more

These massacres don’t fit into the mass shooting category as you defined at the beginning of the article. These massacres had very definite targets. The “mass shootings” we’re talking about don’t have clearly defined targets and purposes.
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Based on the fact every comment is disagreeing with you one one thing or another, maybe keep your judgments of “simplicity” to your smug self. Read more

MPI is a bunch of freaking doorknobs with the custom plate rejections. Read more

“I saw it, okay, I look in the telescope and I see a spaceship, right? Big ol’ spaceship, and it was green and had wings and a big ol’ bulbous head like a snake or some shit. Now I know y’all think I’m nuts, but I’m tellin’ you, we got UFOs here, we got UFOs and NASA knows about it and they coverin’ it up and they Read more

I’ve only seen one, and I’m still solidly in the Connery camp. Not for his views on women (archaic) but I think the character is best represented by the way he plays it. It’s fantasy, and not everything has to fall in line with the current thinking on gender relations. The new Bond stuff has him as a bit of a Read more

You should probably mention that they’re also now going to add voiceover for lines that were previously unvoiced. The delay is so that they can create a better localization. So we get dual audio, more voiceover, and even better translations.

Well, there used to be a website that would talk about genre shows and give recommendations as to what was worth watching and what wasn’t. Sure, it was only their opinion, but you learned about these things and in a time where many people watch TV timeshifted without commercials, it was useful. They could tell you Read more

On the other hand, you’re bloggers who “Spend the Day Ripping Lines From Reddit,” so let’s call it even.

“I’m proud to be Québécois” said no one, ever.

It will also cause lost sales from people who won’t get try try before they buy, like many pirates do. It’s impossible to track any of this, and the whole thing is really pointless. An excuse for them giving up on the current Denuvo.