Finally signed up for a new account after getting sent to the grays and disappeared with whatever company-wide bug popped up over the summer, can someone please follow me, reply to this or do what otherwise needs to be done to verify me? Here’s my old account with a dozen full years of comments and witty replies -
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“first look at Bruce Campbell in Black Friday, an upcoming horror-comedy...” Read more

The end of Age of Heroes had an announcement for Popcorn Champs, but this column says nothing about a followup, which is sad. Read more

After the Ellie Kemper fiasco, Tom's column is literally the only thing I read on this site. Read more

Tom, I'm a huge fan of your columns (here and the Number Ones) so I really hope you've got a new AV Club column ready to kick off in two weeks. Age of Horror starting with Psycho maybe? Read more

“Skrillex but cornrows.”

Oh, absolutely. The Friday columns (“When Romance Met Comedy” is really equally great, even though its subject speaks a little less to me) have been one of best, if not the best thing on the AV Club for a while. Also one of the rare places left with consistently interesting and active comment threads.
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Tom, all three of these series of columns have been appointment reading for me the last few years. I really hope you've got another one in the works. Otherwise, I'll have to go back and start Age of Violence over again. Read more

Sam Barsanti's writing is probably a good start. Read more

Barsanti is not only the worst writer on this now piece of garbage website, he’s also the worst writer on the entire fucking internet. Ungrey me you cowards.  Read more

It is Michael Mann tho and this is called Tokyo Vice, so I half expect one of the characters to be living on a boat and have a pet giant salamander named Hideki Read more

once the world has gone a bit more Thunderdome-shaped” Read more

Yeah, this season of B99 has not been their strongest. I will say, they were robbed of having the finale air last week on 9/9. What a total screw up on NBC’s part. Read more

Clearly Rolling Stone has no idea what they’re doing as they didn’t even format the list as a 500-page slide show. Read more

No “For All Mankind?!”  What gives, A.V.?!! Read more

Chris Bauer is one of those actors for me that, whenever I see him pop up in something, I rejoice a little. You always know you’re going to see something good out of him. True Blood is undeniably campy and ridiculous, but Bauer’s Andy Bellefleur could easily have been a disaster. Instead, he was both hilarious and Read more

I came here to ask the same question. It’s weird, because there are at least four Deke Slaytons in my head - the actual Deke Slayton, the astronaut, because I’m old as fuck and consequently remember the guy; the Deke Slayton from The Right Stuff, who was horribly miscast and yet is still very memorable because of the Read more

Ooh, but I still want to hear him talk about it. His final scene is so gut wrenching. Read more

Season 2 of The Wire is shockingly underrated. The storyline clicked with me far more than Season 1 did and widening the scope beyond the Barksdales was a really wise move. Read more