That doesn’t make it cool to shit on other actors, and the rest of the interview honestly doesn’t help. She’s very talented, but she seems like a bit of a jerk.
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Debra Winger comes across as weirdly pissy and bitter in this, honestly.
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Hey, the job description says write snarky one-sentence comments that link to other websites. It doesn’t say anything about actually reading the articles. Read more

I always forget that Jennifer Lawrence is dating some guy named Cooke Maroney. Read more

The Ultimate Sports Movie Question: Did Dottie Henson intentionally tank that play & let Kit have her moment at the end of the movie? Read more

A timid confession: I love almost all foods, and I’ve never been able to stomach meatloaf. I just don’t see the appeal. To me it’s always the equivalent of taking something good (beef) and making it worse in both texture and flavor. I don’t like it. Read more

And what about the VHS tapes?!? Read more

I said the same thing. FAKE AF. Read more

Uhhhhhh, why would a 17 year old make a request about what she’s going to be buried in? That doesn’t really jibe.  Read more

YES! Prince of Space is my favorite episode of the entire series! You could even say I LIKE IT VERY MUCH! Read more

Who am I kidding. I never went to Castleton. Read more

this is where the fish lives. Read more

Help, I'm falling at a 60-degree angle breaking all the laws of physics! Read more

"….I'm watching you feel good." Read more

I remember many Saturday mornings of getting up early, pressing record on the VCR and then either going back to bed or off to work. Either way, that afternoon was awesome. Read more