Dec 7

Guy who calls the other person “moron” complains about ad hominem attacks?

Oct 22 2019

Soon after Jerry started his crimes, Joe Pa was shown a daguerreotype of the abuse, and he brushed it aside to prepare for the next game. 

Oct 20 2019

Sir, this is an article about Jalen Ramsey. Didn’t you read the headline?

Oct 20 2019

It’ll only be sad when he starts facing consequences and stops getting lighthearted TV appearances.

Oct 20 2019

You’re right, but we live in a society where missing quarterly earnings per share by a penny makes investors set their hair on fire, so logic and facts aren’t exactly valued.

Oct 16 2019

“But the Cardinals, to their credit, made a run at it. They weathered an electric start from Corbin, who struck out 10 batters in the first three innings...” Read more

Sep 30 2019

The Mets acquiring Mookie Betts only for him to turn into Mookie Wilson would be pretty on-brand for a Mets acquisition. Read more

Sep 27 2019

Yes, but it doesn’t matter. Want to pretend AB was the difference and cut the margin in half? Sure, why not.

Sep 27 2019

They actually won two fucking games without him, and in the one they did play, I don’t think Brown’s 4 catches for 56 yards and a TD were exactly the deciding factors in a 43-0 win.

Sep 27 2019

As you leave, you will feel many things- shock, wonder, regret at all the wasted years. But “sorry” won’t be one of them. Bon appetit!

Sep 26 2019

There is one- and only one- way to fuck up a visit to New Orleans: not going to Willie Mae’s Scotch House. Read more

Sep 24 2019

That reminds me- pretty much everyone in the “Terry Tate” commercials was named after a sex act.