Jul 8

If there’s no manual, it’s not a hot hatch. Look at all the “competition” listed here. Clutches down the line. A hot hatch is supposed to provide a certain experience. The car is probably fine and fast and whatever, but it’s not in the same category as the others.

Jul 1

For the absolute dummies in the greys whom I happily dismiss, before you waste your time going “aLl tHe gUyS HaD To dO WaS NoT CoMmIt cRiMeS,” consider that those men had their charges dropped because of the police brutality. The cops let the bad guys get away because they couldn’t resist the opportunity to violate Read more

Jul 1

Time and time again we see that cops cannot handle a lack of deference, real or imagined. They had these guys on actual, factual crimes! The guys tried to dispose of contraband and then pulled over and surrendered; the only reason that force was involved here was because the cops were enraged by not receiving Read more

Jul 1

Maybe it really is time we stop giving white people who seek to weaponize the police against Black people cutesy little nicknames like “BBQ Becky” or “Central Park Karen.” Read more

Jun 30

Lol black people have been “targeted” for abortions? Are black women who don’t want to get abortions forced into getting them en masse? Because that is what being “targeted” for abortion would mean. The fact that they get more abortions does not mean that they are being “targeted” for it. It means that black people Read more

Jun 30

Are you the type of person who enjoys following up tone-deaf racism with MORE tone-deaf racism of your own?

Jun 30

No, we aren’t going to use this opportunity to discuss co-opting a social justice movement about racial inequality and police brutality into loaded debate about women of color and their reproductive rights. Read more

Jun 30

If you’re using one to marginalize the other, you’re not actually helping and you’re going to just fall on deaf ears. Read more

Jun 30

because abortion isn’t bad you fucking nitwit. conflating an argument about extrajudiciously murdering alive people with the tired argument of “wah a fetus is a people” is meant to put activists on the wrong foot and denigrate the value of BLM. suck my fuckin ass

Jun 30

Being first in abortions means being first in unwanted pregnancies. Being first in unwanted pregnancies means either a lack of proper education or a lack of reasonable availability of contraceptives. Or both. Read more

Jun 30

Yeah, just as with all anti-abortion activists, he was saying that we need to examine the role of underfunded schools in areas with lower income, which, as a result of practices like redlining and racial laws, are predominantly Black, and how lack of education (both lower and higher) and its role in economic Read more

Jun 26

I’m going out on a limb and say that this was a dumb thing to do.

Jun 24

Here you go. It might not have been a true noose, but it sure was not a basic loop either. Definitely understandable how it could be mixed up given the outside circumstances.
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