6:28 PM

A buddy of mine had a 2004 Acura TSX that had heated seats than seemed to only heat the groin area. I called them the ‘scrotum scorchers.’

11:33 AM

Have you ever used the cold-air seats? Not being snarky- genuinely curious. Read more

9:18 AM

I’m all for this. As a consumer, you can buy ‘work trucks’ now. there is a significant difference in pricing vs the luxo-barge trucks everyone ‘needs’ to buy these days. I can’t help myself but online build and price these, for entertainment. I’m pretty sure the manufacturers have idea of how much each line item Read more

9:15 AM

Personally I support not having a CD player in every car I buy, having not owned a CD in 20 years. It should be optional. So should a cassette player. Have a “physical media” package for $499.

8:54 AM

Heck, every leaf spring vehicle I’ve owned has had wheel hop in the right conditions. Except for my Rabbit pickup, for an obvious reason. There is a reason why no one else uses them in applications like this anymore.

8:50 AM

Protip: Perhaps direct your snark toward Ford for choosing to use a solid axle and LEAF SPRINGS in a 2020 vehicle, and not Shelby, which had to resort to a solution from the 1990s to address a problem that leaf spring suspensions have had for decades. There is no leaf spring suspension that can put 700 horsepower to Read more

8:20 AM

Protip- Don't say protip when you're just vomiting up amateur ignorance. OEM is most definitely not fine and 700+ hp would wrap that axle and hop down the pavement quicker than you could cry about hack jobs and speed bumps. And that's plenty high enough to avoid dragging on anything unless you're a no talent mid life Read more

11:21 AM

But isn’t a Roxor more classically a Jeep than anything Jeep currently makes. I’m rooting Mahindra here, though that’s surely the unpopular opinion.

7:52 AM

““It doesn’t affect me”" yes, the attitude your generation taught all of us when you refused to take a stand on climate change and corporate greed

9:30 PM

This article does a lot more to instill needless fear than the Neighbors app does. There was a driveby on a house across the street from me a couple months ago, at a house right next to a deputy sheriff’s home. The next day, I had a local detective came to my house and asked if I had seen or heard anything. He saw my R Read more

1:24 PM

As as you said, reading is fundamental. Perhaps you should re-read through the idiocy of the writing to realize that they don’t have unfettered access. Although the article tries to dance around it to make it seem that is the case in fact police have to request access each and every time or get a warrant. No different Read more

12:21 PM

You are incorrect. A prosecutor should know that “what happens in front of your house” is, in fact, police business. Inside your house? Your business. Your back yard? Mostly your business. But what happens in front of your house is always police business. Read more

2:21 PM

It is baffling to me that I immediately knew the origin of this GIF. Why does my brain retain information like “one of the extras from the ‘Friday’ song”?????

10:14 AM

Yeah at some point the percentages just aren’t the same. My wife and I make ~triple the median income, but don’t spend 3x as much as others on food, housing, clothes, vacations, child care etc.
Read more