Oct 14 2016

Hillclimbs always have a great mix of cars. For example, some of the cars you’ll find at a Pennsylvania Hillclimb Association event ( that I find interesting:

Apr 22 2016

When changing your oil, I find it particularly helpful to wear full white. That way none of it goes on the driveway.

Feb 11 2016

Why do I get the feeling this is the owner of that poor Charger......

Jan 8 2016

I came in here to talk about the one that runs at the PVGP. Those pics are way better than anything I’ve taken, but here is one of the two Abarths running side by side.

Dec 14 2015

The Wrangler...Not all of us want a $45K Rubicon. I see a need for a return to a YJ sized bare bones Wrangler. Keep the JK size for the mall crawlers and let a small number of us get back to basics.

Nov 17 2015

Looking at the number of people around and in the path, that driver is the dumbest guy out there.

Nov 10 2015

That’s the exact face a friend of mine made when Inga, the Swedish stripper, came to my house. “She gonna use toys!!”

Apr 8 2015

sliding without power =/= power sliding :)

Apr 8 2015

If you think powersliding can happen with FWD, you’re maybe doing it wrong. Set up for static oversteer, trail brake tons, get your rohrl on, and then balance the exit with power, maybe, but powesliding? Good luck with that...

Mar 17 2015

If his tire pressure was correct, that would be possible, but with off like that, there's no chance of saving it

Jan 30 2015

A niche nomination: The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. The only vintage race in the US run on public roads. And a GREAT event!

Jan 29 2015

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