Apr 27 2015

Truth fact: Porsche’s hybrid lineup is better than your hybrid lineup, other automakers.

Apr 26 2015

Olynyk wasn’t trying to dislocate Love’s shoulder. That wasn’t on purpose. He was trying to break the arm.

Apr 24 2015

Batman Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth. (No relation to the games) by Grant Morrison. Good read, incredible art. Every panel is a brilliant, Gothic painting.

Apr 23 2015

Not sure about the dumbest, but I do know which one is the coolest...

Apr 23 2015

I have to say, Timothy Dalton in this film is one of the finest performances of any actor ever on screen.

Apr 21 2015

I want to say that Harry is boring to watch, but I never stop watching his videos. I enjoy them I don’t know how to explain that.

Apr 21 2015

The appearance of socialism is just a ruse to get American university professors to buy our capitalist-produced wagons and flat-pack furniture.

Apr 21 2015

The old myth was that Cook was close by to some Aborigines, he pointed to the strange hopping beast and asked for what it was, and the natives replied “Kangaroo” meaning “we don’t understand what you are saying.” Read more

Apr 21 2015

“Black” in English shares the same root as the word “Blanca” (white) in Spanish. They both go back to an origin point that means “to burn or shine”. However, the trip to Spanish took the “shine” portion of that, while the trip to English started with “burn” and later “burnt.” So in one direction things burn and shine Read more

Apr 21 2015

I’ve always liked “laurel,” signifying achievement, especially in an athletic context. The ancient Greeks handed out laurels at athletic competition (and they were given along with gold medals at the 2004 Olympics in Athens), but that tradition traces back to mythology. Young and beautiful Daphne, a wood nymph, caught Read more