6:48 PM

I feel you... It’s going to be a rough year. I’m a Warren fan with Bernie in 2nd so I’m not disappointed that Bernie took NH.... However I’m VERY disappointed that voters went for that jar of fat free mayonnaise over Warren. Like WTF? People really do hate women and it’s depressing AF. I don’t even want to have to Read more

12:26 PM

This is extremely junior high school, but things at work are very cliquey. Everyone gets along, but among us younger employees there are definitely two distinct groups, with the folks in each group being super tight, and I’m just...there. My cube mate is in one of the groups and it’s stuff like someone will come up to Read more

9:33 PM

I was talking about Jon Hamm... I’m not touching that disgusting T.I. story!

4:29 PM

My guess is it’s a ferry trip for buses whose trips terminate in midtown but start the next one in Brooklyn and since they have to make the drive anyway, might as well see what suckers will at least cover the gas money.

3:58 PM

I really wish there was some sort of sports and politics combo to discuss this madness further! Or one take on it on the sports page, and another on the politics page!

12:09 AM

Hey! I haven’t been around much, but I can see that the old gawker network is in trouble. That’s really sad. I definitely want to be on board when y’all migrate to reddit or wherever. I sent a message to the reddit mods. 

5:39 PM

I think the hash stuffed pepper with egg and fritter combo is on the nose. Which still sounds terrible, but right in line with the type of nasty shit Darth Cheeto is known to consume.

1:48 PM

The autoplay videos need to go. We all understand your new corporate dick-for-brains are trying to destroy the company, but this is the fastest and most efficient way to bleed readership.

10:37 AM

The last movie my wife and I went to was the first part of the last Harry Potter movies. We wound up watching the second part at home. We’ve done fine without date night, and it will return in good time (the oldest is 8, so just a few more years). We both don’t care as much, and once we get the kids to bed, we can Read more