Sep 10

Oh yeah, I have a friend whose daughter found a sugar daddy on, I believe, a website of that exact name. She was 20, he was in his 50's. He’d send an Uber to come pick her up in LA and bring her down to OC for sex. He paid her bills, bought clothes, gave her an allowance. Strictly transactional.

Sep 10

This person kind of seems like a sociopath?? Wtf with that text? With it so out of the blue I genuinely would have thought it was a joke and replied like “yeah me neither but then who would we tell about our gross poops?” To my best friend. Read more

Sep 10

God that fucking HURTS. A friend breakup is just as painful and hard as a dating breakup and no one ever talks about it. Read more

Sep 9

Lauren, you missed one critical fact here. He is Mossimo Giannulli (of the Target Mossimos).

Jul 23

Yes, this is me hiding food from my wife. She tracks all her calories, makes me buy her healthy tasteless food, then proceeds to eat all of the food I buy to eat for myself. I eat 2-3 spoonfuls of ice cream at a time, over the course of a week or two. She finds the carton and it’s gone except for the barest minimum so Read more

Jul 21

Did everyone else in the world realize how close Apple Martin’s name is to Apple Martini before today? I feel 16 years late to this joke. I’ve been walking around laughing at the name like, “Yeah. Apple. That’s a bad name.” But not understanding that what’s really bad is its proximity to a questionable cocktail. I

Jul 21

That's Elon's 6th child. The man left his first wife with 5 under 5.

Jul 20

You are having A Day. I think if you just say “ehhhh fuck it” and have ice cream for dinner, nobody should stop you. Ice cream may not help the migraine, though. Hmmm. Ugh.

This is the worst timeline and has forced us all into the worst lifestyle. 

Jun 26

You’re 5000 candles in the wind, Prince Rupert.

Jun 24

I eat my feelings! I tried noom for a hot second and hated it almost immediately. It was way too up in my business for me. I can see how others would like it, though. I agree that people who liked WW may also like noom. Read more

Jun 5
Decorating Ideas

My apartment has a small built in desk in the living room. Kind of like this. It’s not ideal for a workspace, so I

Jun 5

Well, if you’re going to chow down on some balls, might as well get a good deal. 

Jun 5

This seems like an unlawful seizure, interruption of mail service and actual government censorship, based on the messages printed on the masks. Add that to the willful disregard for health and safety by making the masks unavailable to users. Read more

Jun 5

If they have a gofundme, I’ll donate and if they need volunteers to sew more, I can do that too. ACAB.

May 25

You are a GOOD FRIEND.

May 16

These are the weirdest and so painful!

May 3

You leave in a fuge after friendly cheerful employees compliment you and annoint you with fragrant lotions and load you with samples and HOLY SHIT I SPEND 90 DOLLARS I JUST CAME HERE FOR SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER WHAT HAPPENED?  But NOTHING beats the shampoo bars and conditioner solids for traveling.  When I was in Read more