Nov 8

We need our Kinja spots more now. It’s a continuation of what we enjoyed previously. I’m not a fan of holding on to the past, but I usually take a few things with me, and Gawrker/Sidespin is one of them. I’m not giving it up until they pry it from my cold, dead laptop. 

Oct 23

Pep deserves a lot of credit but you can’t forget Manuel Pellegrini as well. His support of Sterling (who was a lot more sensitive to coaching criticism then especially after the contract drama and Brendan Rodgers) during his first season in Manchester was a key part of Raheem’s development and adjustment to City.

Oct 11

I normally hate WWE mood lighting, but, like many things with The Fiend, this was an exception...for a little while. Then the match fell off a cliff, to say nothing of the difficulty that the fans in the building had seeing the match.

Sep 30

I’ve worked in TV, radio, and an ad agency over the last ten-plus years, just so you know what I’m about to describe isn’t just coming out of my ass, based on nothing: Read more

Sep 30

Brock winning would just give me the vibe that they really have nothing creatively to back up the big move than to just make Smackdown into Raw (something I’m already worried about with the Cole/Renee/Corey team moving there). It’d just feel like “well this is our one idea we have going for the last five years so Read more

Sep 30

It’s a shame Robert Bork passed away because I would definitely watch a WWE series based on Robert Bork antagonizing Roman Reigns.

Sep 5

That Trump-ian “Awaits much deserved THANK YOU” tweet is some of the best heel work in a long, long time