Jun 25

“Pet to threat” perfectly explains the infuriating phenomenon in sports of “Shut up and dribble” or “These millionaires should be grateful” that only seems to apply to Black athletes. Read more

Jun 15

Am grateful to have found out about Tru Colour a while back (probably on here) and am happy to now also know about Browndages. Aside from the fubuness, Tru Colour bandages are crazy invisible when on and sticky AF, which is all I’m looking for from these people. Read more

Apr 19

Oh it’s for sure racist when white people say it. We’ve just always used it ironically like, “This motherfucker’s tryna say he’s not racist just because he’s a card-carrying coal burner, bitch please! 

Apr 17

Maybe this is my West Coast genes talking, but I’m always shocked by some Southern white dude being a coal burner. Like, Bubba’s mom is a sister; her name is Desiree, for fucks sake.

Feb 20

Real talk: moving into a job that (unexpectedly) granted me airline status and free upgrades when I travel for work changed EVERYTHING for me. I now happily pay for first class for every single flight I take, including short hops like SF to LA. (Yes, I am indeed #SuperGrateful and also #BougieAF) Read more