Feb 4 2016

Yes, as indicated this is called FORESHADOWING, not spoilers.

Oct 14 2014

I'd offer one mild correction. It's true that this is probably the most vitriolic case of unexamined privilege we've seen in a long while, but the double-bind is that even though these are straight white males, they're the straight white males who are at the bottom of the totem pole. They're nurds. This is why Read more

May 12 2014

Considering where we all came from, it would have been a comedy...A Puerto Rican, New Yorker, Wisconsinite and a Welsh all planning to meet up in London. Great experience, thats for sure.

May 12 2014

These are from the restaurant below the one I was at...they didnt have the nice carved wood dividers or the wonderful tea and citrus aroma. Those were the most pleasant smelling shitters Ive ever been in.

May 12 2014

On about the 33rd or 34 floor of the Shard is a Chinese restaurant and this is the mens room...Those pedestal things against the window would be the urinals and you are basically standing there taking a pee and looking out over London.