3:17 PM

Or you could just realize that they are basically digital dress up dolls and have no race/gender other than whatever you bring in with you...

5:29 PM

Pee Wee was Penguins father in Batman Returns...So its a nice little easter egg that ties this universe into the old Tim Burton movies.

4:43 PM

Oh god...this is the reason I make Gawker sites a once a week site. People have somehow gotten so dumb that foreshadowing, which is actually a needed device to demonstrate certain abilities or items exist and can service the plot, is now listed as “spoilers”. Without foreshadowing, people would wonder where these Read more

11:11 AM

It was Suicide squad...I just dont understand this article as we basically had it, it was great and was perfectly fit in universe.

12:46 PM

They have only released three episodes for reviewers and #2 and #3 are “monster or the week” types, which are getting great reviews. Who the hell cares what they say, anyway, if you like it , watch it. Read more

4:00 PM

I actually lived near this and lived through the local coverage of it. The bias in the show is so insanely one sided that you would be a fool to take it as anything other than a scripted drama...It uses real people and creatively edits the reports, court case and testimonials to make a case that he was innocent. Read more

2:13 PM

I like that they killed her off...The companions in the 2005 series onwards have been so used to “fun and fancy free” time travel and adventure that its about time a consequence happen to remind everybody that the adventures are dangerous. I loved Rory, but he kept coming back to life...he was an unlimited red shirt. Read more

11:08 AM

You miss the point that HAL couldnt “forget” and still be 100% accurate as accurate would mean knowing and reporting all findings. As an “AI” it could only function within the confines of its code. SAL had no such problems, because it was never given the faulty orders. HAL basically formed a dual identity that couldnt Read more

2:50 PM

HAL also was not went “insane” after a logical error that caused it to flip out. He was ordered to be 100% accurate with all mission reporting, but was also programmed to withhold information about the extraterrestrial origins of the mission from the scientists and astronauts on the mission. Read more

2:26 PM

They are dropping the Lantern hints pretty hard in this universe...

2:28 PM

In the comics they are very tactical in that they usually plan for Flash showing up and have countermeasures in place or plans for him. In the New 52, they actually become metahumans, so they are physically more on par too.

12:12 PM

Cold and Heat Wave are some of the more powerful DC baddies...they show on multiple occasions that Cold is a tactical genius on par and even above Lex Luthor. Its an oddity of the Flash Rouges that they usually stick to very attainable goals instead of going for global domination...Mostly due to their knowledge that Read more

12:07 PM

In the Comics (but not really described in the show) Reverse Flash is actually able to exist backwards of time...He can cause actions that dont ripple forward, but backwards. In this usage, he would be able to stop existing forward, but still have his past events happen. Its strange, but its comics, so just run with Read more

10:07 AM

I loved Gundam X, so I am glad they are “redoing” it for this series...Its obvious they are updating all the series with modern twists as Gundam SEED was clearly a redo of Mobile Suit Gundam and 00 was an obvious update to Wing.

12:09 PM

WHEN its good...It doesnt get good until Season 3 and is still extremely poor in pacing. There is no narrative theme and characters really dont grow as the series goes on. Its really a monster of the week show with a few reaaaaaaaly good episodes mixed in...and malfunctioning Holodeck episodes... Read more

5:43 PM

The engines flared out to the side and forward are a dead giveaway that this is a super star destroyer and is upside down...

5:40 PM

Look closer and to the left side of the image...Its a super star destroyer.

5:38 PM

I would pay to see two hours of debris crushing the Ewoks...