Feb 13 2019

I’d like to add as an SF gay: all of the above is true for the gays plus adding the fact that everyone is already in an open/poly relationship so like no one is looking for an actual boyfriend.

Dec 15 2018

This is the opposite of ‘zero f**** given’. So many eff’s were given, that it is over-the-top in how exacting its packaging is, and none of it feels like it’s meant to suit the owner, but to impress everyone else who sees it. Read more

Nov 28 2018

Before anyone comments on it, they can’t lower the road because of massive sewer lines and can’t raise the bridge because miles of track would have to be modified for grade adjustment.

Nov 6 2018

He is absolutely NOT. He’s an honestly nice, geeky gay guy. I went to high school with him (I'm 4 years older) and my husband met him on a news shoot a few years ago. He's a good egg. 

Oct 24 2018

The real crime would be putting a front license plate on that car.   

Oct 1 2018

Hahha just yesterday I was driving next to a pre-LCI 3 series from the most recent generation and I noticed it had halogen lights. I know I’ve noticed this before but I realized it again and I was like WTF BMW you had LED taillights 15 damn years ago with the e46 LCI. There is literally no excuse to have halogens for Read more

Oct 1 2018

At least they got rid of the straight cut line that ran across the hood behind the grille. That was awful.

Oct 1 2018

Does anyone else think this steering wheel looks like a happy scuba-diving dog????

Oct 1 2018

A car that won’t start every time has a lot to worry about in 2018. This is not 1968. That isn’t acceptable anymore, not even from an Italian car.

Sep 26 2018

I do not understand how this asshole was offered bail. I would imagine someone who HAS ALREADY FLED TO TAIWAN to avoid charges may be a flight risk.

Sep 26 2018

So this scumbag already fled from justice once, but the court granted his bail. I’m white, but I’ve never seen white like this. 

Sep 25 2018

This dude just thinks he’s invincible in every single way. He managed to keep his head above water by finding loopholes here and there but now he’s just screwed. All around POS in my opinion...