B Town
6/10/21 10:49AM

Herk Harvey worked for Centron, whose shorts appeared semi-regularly on MST3K. I can’t find a list of Centron shorts that he directed, but it’s hard to imagine anyone else being responsible for “Cheating.”

6/09/21 1:28AM

“Hi! Seems like you’re starting to sound a lot like Humbert Humbert, fictional predator and protagonist of Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. Would you like to: back the fuck up and reassess your moral compass?

6/09/21 12:44AM

Fuck that ephebophilia bullshit. It’s only trotted out to defend assholes like Epstein who prey on teenage children.

6/03/21 11:00AM

I know. She’s so edgy! I wish I was that edgy to disparage those of us who enjoyed watching one of the most critically acclaimed shows of all time. We’re just terrible! 

6/03/21 9:34AM

I don’t remember anyone lionizing Don Draper. He was an asshole. He did terrible things. Even when he tried to be good, he just couldn’t. But eventually we learned a little about his childhood, and what made him what he was. Read more

6/03/21 9:05AM

LOL this is like that friend who posted every Sunday night during the Game of Thrones era how they “just don’t get the hype about that show; won't catch me watching it.” Anyway, congrats Emily! Good job 👍 Proud of you

5/29/21 3:31AM

You morons are still going on about it? You got your “perfect” Star Wars movie after that one. Eat it, choke on it.

5/28/21 3:07PM

Now I’m just genuinely curious how small this would have to be before you would decline to claim that people are upset that Amazon is advocating for mindfulness as opposed to the way that they’re choosing to do so. Read more

5/25/21 2:19PM

Ha, that’s all fair (except “Goldeneye” is top tier). What I mostly remember is the thrilling video game sequence and the femme fatale’s burning boots after she explodes.

5/23/21 5:17PM

Good advice but keep in mind this was written by a person who works for Jim Spanfeller.

5/22/21 2:05AM

With the exception of Hanks and Martin, this list is very, very young.

5/20/21 10:01AM

i watch because it is time with my Wife. I would happily quit. The show seems to try to out wierd itself each episode. Date night was a fizzle after binging the first 3 episodes this season.

5/18/21 6:31AM

I’d say TFA wasn’t terrible by itself, but TROS drags it down by leaning into similar flaws.

5/14/21 8:53AM

I suspect that transition occurred sometime around the time a soulless media conglomerate bought out the AV Club, changed the platform, and gradually drove off all the talent that once made the site special. But yes, I've been working at not venting at the authors themselves.

4/19/21 8:08PM

Yeah, I hate it when things are pompous and condescending.