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An hour ago

Migos excel at what I like to call Balcony Music, which is music best enjoyed on the balcony of an expensive high-rise apartment while you’re drinking ridiculously overpriced champagne. It’s there to be in the background.

Yesterday 1:26PM

This is sort of akin to how Indian restaurants in Brick Lane don’t *have* to be good, they can get by on the reputation of the area. Some are decent, most are not.

Friday 5:07AM

It was difficult for me to get past the character names in this franchise, which I guess makes me an immature theatergoer. It’s not like Plutarch Heavensbee is appreciably worse than, say, Jabba the Hutt. Also these movies seemed to suffer from the same identity crisis that the Twilight movies did, but just Read more

Friday 4:58AM

Not to mention the obvious Reservoir Dogs stand-off shot, which has to go a long way towards Tarantino calling it his favorite movie of the last 30 years.

Friday 4:52AM

Gravity was a big ol’ blast in IMAX, and the silly plot contrivances only ever cropped up to further increase the tension, so I never once minded them. Perhaps the platonic ideal of what mindless entertainment can be, and as Tom mentioned, it was definitely refreshing to have it be an original film too. Read more

Thursday 4:56AM

Really? I always thought the rumor was that he had seen the movie and thought his character’s, um, portrayal was hilarious. Which doesn’t seem far-fetched.

Thursday 4:35AM

The MacGruber movie belongs in the same rarefied air as Wayne’s World and Blues Brothers and this is all very exciting news

Thursday 4:18AM

It’s pretty funny that a show casts 24-year-old models as 18-year-old high schoolers, then thinks “uhhhh what should we have them do? I guess walk a runway a lot”

6/07/21 4:57AM

I always thought it was a bit of poetic justice that the first Matrix debuted in 1999, and utterly clowned the shit out of The Phantom Menace - then its sequels went on to be nearly as leaden and dull as the prequels themselves. Read more

6/04/21 4:25AM

It does depend on their capacity as producers, yeah. They didn’t just produce Spider-Verse for example, Lord had a hand in the screenplay. Then again, everyone involved with that movie was on top fucking form.

6/03/21 7:32PM

This sounds like some epic bacon mustache shit from 2009, but I for one am willing to give Lord & Miller the benefit of the doubt here, even if Mitchells Vs. the Machines left me a lot colder than it did some others.

6/02/21 2:34AM

If you were taught square dancing in school as a kid, that was thanks to Henry Ford and his paranoid delusions that Jews and black people were threatening to destroy white America with jazz. We’re all complicit!

5/25/21 6:14PM

Have to co-sign on Goldeneye. Helluva good time and between that and Casino Royale, Martin Campbell should clearly be in charge of introducing audiences to each new Bond.

5/25/21 11:58AM

I rarely believe leaked scripts are real, and in this case (I saw the tweet screencaps anyway) there’s a line where one of the girls says “moveon dot org,” which is a direct lift from Jennifer’s Body. That’s the thing that, to me, screams this is fake. What would possess Diablo Cody to plagiarize one of the most Read more

5/24/21 6:19AM

You know, part of me wonders if Sean O’Neal’s style still would have held up today. He was good, no doubt, but it’s a different era.

5/22/21 5:25AM

Mulaney is so good on SNL it almost feels like cheating. I also have to echo others that the most surprising guest has to be Garth Brooks, when he first hosted it was almost a guaranteed disaster and then we were all proven very wrong.

5/22/21 5:21AM

He looks like he bought the Variety Height Pack of white guys and is satisfied with his purchase

5/21/21 4:51PM

My parents love this movie and quoted it for a long time (the other Albert Brooks movie we owned was Defending Your Life, which I far preferred as a kid). It was only once I hit my 20s that I could rewatch it and discover how great it really was.

5/20/21 9:13AM

My favorite of these was Bill Hader on God of War. Just the two perfect ringers for a game so deeply macho.

5/19/21 5:52PM

I would have tapped waaaaaay out in Season 3 if it wasn’t for my wife. Seriously, that was your master fucking plan that had to be scored to “Burning Down the House”? Just get caught and glower again? Read more