Engine, power steering, transmission and diff oil/fluid on the Z4 - DONE. Track pads on deck for whenever HPDE returns. Read more

A WIP still, however I insulated and drywalled the space last fall. Working on shelving, adding a tool chest and getting the extra wheel/tire sets off the ground. I have a quickjack and it get a decent amount of use

It’s a pig weighing in at 3,500 lbs - that being said I am all about the looks and old school tech. There are better GT coupes to be had, especially on the used market.  Read more

What year was it when you had your 2 kids? If your kids were born in the 80's or even 90's, your comment holds no water in the current era.
Read more makes sense to take the loan and keep more money invested. Read more

It’s a Mini, German torque specs always apply.  Read more

Nuetral: we bought two cars in 2019 , both used - one from a dealer, one a private sale. New car prices have crept up and frankly nothing scream gotta have it.  Read more

“Hi, I owe 27k on my car, and that’s too expensive! I’d like to buy a car for $28k to lower my payment.” Read more

Correct. A lot of otherwise smart people are bad with money. Nobody ever taught them, so they don’t know. Read more

I guess it’s too early to tell, but I think it’s a huge mistake by Ford & Chevy as well.

“Stationwagon Dad” is still 100000x cooler than all “OMG must drive biggest possible SUV for 1 offspring & associated crap” parents can ever hope to be. Read more

I understand that this is mainly picking on a ridiculous New York Post article (which is probably redundant), but I feel like this great movie is now balancing on the precipice of being a poster child for a bunch of hot button political topics, and I only ask: can we not? Read more

I’ve been craving a mid-range mid-engine car for a long time and it just hasn’t really happened since the MR2, and with the direction Hyundai has been going over the past few years I can see jumping on whatever this ends up being very quickly. I’ve been considering the Veloster N for my next car but I’m gonna hold out Read more

Poaching the BMW M boss was definitely a good choice for the future of their sporty brand, which I have officially rebranded Fundai. “N” was just a little derivative for me. Read more

A sincere tip of the hat to whomever is letting the engineering team run wild at Hyundai, some of the most exciting new platforms to come out in years! I wish other brands would take notice Read more

yes winter tires are better and people drive like fools. but good all seasons are not completely useless. Winter tires may make 5 commutes/winter easier.
Read more

Guys, I think I’ve come up with a plan to save Nissan. They just have to sell new R34 GT-Rs instead of new R35s. Read more