10/14/14 5:23PM

Not an umbrella. Man saluting the president as he passes. Unknown object behind him WAAAAY on the other side of the park casting a completely different shadow on the pavement, which , due to the angle of the camera to the subject, only appears to be above the dudes head.

10/10/14 9:26AM

I'm sorry, I don't know who any of these people are though I just searched for Vyvyan Basterd (and dig what I read). Also, I haven't had a working TV in ages. I'm a film freak and use it to watch DVDs. For some reason, watching anything longer than a ten-minutes youtube doesn't agree w/me since I get too bored. My Read more

10/10/14 8:47AM

HAH! I (used to) wish. Jagger lost his credibility w/me a few years before they refused him entrance to the Pyramid Club in the mid-80s (I lived around the corner on 6th, but really lived in the Pyramid). I think I remember he'd pulled up in a limo right on Avenue A — we were all WTF? I believe it was on the same Read more

10/10/14 8:32AM

They used to play for free before they hit it big (Patti as well; they all were like a breath of fresh air IMO). Chris Stein's mother was the first adult who smoked reefer w/us. Otherwise, I got nothing. :-)

10/10/14 7:01AM

LOL! You're SO right! (Of course. :-) Thing is, being a boy inside, I never saw myself as a mother. I was a teacher in the 90s and one day it occurred I might be sublimating some vestigial maternal instinct but I rejected that shit, chalked it up to always getting along really well w/children (better than some of Read more

10/06/14 1:42PM

Thank you for saying — I've actually thought about that and ended up pleased she'd never have a chance to be nasty to any of my non-existent offspring. :-) Then again, it's enough I had to like, deflect her vicious comments from various friends for most of my life when my dad wasn't around to defuse her. Read more

10/06/14 4:06AM

Thank you for saying, but nah — although I wanted to sue the shitstain of a doctor's ass off, my mother was against it. I got the hell out of her clutches ASAP and only began talking to her recently (30+ years later).

10/06/14 4:02AM

I wish, but nah. I went to my parents to find a lawyer but my mother was all 'We don't sue' which freaked me the hell out (we weren't wealthy then and we're not now). Then I left home (again). :-)

10/05/14 1:31PM

Awww, you're really sweet — thank you for the thought but at this age, I'm finally having too much of a good time to raise a child properly. :-)

10/05/14 1:28PM

Big thanks for your very kind words. :-) My overbearing mother was adamant I didn't bring the doctor a nice fat lawsuit and stupid me listened to her for the sake of my downtrodden dad (who would've borne the brunt of my mother's very intimidating wrath).

10/05/14 11:58AM

I'm one of those women thanks to a massive fuck-up by a NYC gynecologist when I was 19.

2/01/14 1:44PM

There are also plenty of people who tried the harder stuff and eventually got bored with it, all while maintaining jobs and relationships just like teetotalers manage to do. Just because you try something stronger, it doesn't mean you become addicted to it and turn into a lunatic.

2/01/14 1:35PM

Cannabis consumption doesn't lead to the use of other illegal drugs, illegal drug consumption leads to the use of other illegal drugs. If we stopped the prohibition on cannabis people would treat it no differently than tobacco or alcohol.