Crypto is boring , lets have more celeb cults please jeebus. Read more

No. From now on, Patrick is known as xXxPartyBaby69xXx. Read more

There used to be this website called “Deadspin” (it was pretty good!) that did what I still consider to be the definitive take-down of Whitlock. It was biting and they had ALL the receipts: Read more

Jay-z probably wrote the contract.  He always gets paid  Read more

“Official Entertainment Minstrel of the National Football League: Shawn Corey Carter.” Read more

The coolest Lamborghini never made was the Asterion

There is no real origin story for Splinter. Read more

While I certainly appreciate this post and I’m genuinely glad that the Splinter staff got to do a proper farewell post, the fact that it’s coming weeks after G/O Media and Jim Spanfellatio unceremoniously suffocated the site with a pillow, followed by decapitating their marquee site is just the goddamn perfect turd on Read more

Yeah, Splinter was no Gawker, but it didn’t need to be. It was a great place for undoctored news in a time where we have an entire news network that does the bidding of a fascist and his party. I didn’t always agree with the takes, but it was nice to have a place that cut through the bullshit. Read more


True story: Jim Spanfeller’s resume is just a soggy cardboard box.  Read more

Thanks for everything guys. Read more

I boiled that prayer down kid-sized for bedtime memorization: Read more

1) This is New Zealand, where they have 79% voter turnout. In the U.S., where voter turnout was 55% in 2016, older people swing elections more because they do have higher turnout. Read more

They definitely love their dunkin donuts and clam chowdah. So wrong.  Read more

Any vulnerable infant unlucky enough to be “cuddled” by Mel is going to burst into terrified screaming in her icy, robotic clutch in about one second. Read more

As a Gen Xer, I just want to point out that I was anti-Boomer way before it was cool. Read more

Press F to Deadspin Forever. Read more