Battered Suitcase, Hotel Someplace
Yesterday 4:19PM

Yeah, I’ve always remembered the Becky and Darlene were with the opposite guys twist, as that along with Dan dying were incredibly frustrated. I also remember coming up with my own version of the finale after having watched the real thing: go back to the episode where Dan and Roseanne get high off their old marijuana Read more

Yesterday 10:35AM

Like Wiki Wormhole, Malcolm in the Middle stayed strong right through to the end, using this absolutely phenomenal speech to bring the curtain down.

Yesterday 10:22AM

I know, right? What are they thinking? Like, learn how to use commas and stuff! Read more

Saturday 5:39AM

So is this just a bunch of assholes bagging on Waffle House? It’s not fucking torture just to be there. Lot of places that’s the only sit down restaurant for miles.. Makes me think of people’s funny comments about Walmart and dollar stores when that’s all some people have. Like if poor people love it must be a goddamn Read more

Friday 10:32PM

This reminds me of a story I read about years ago when someone went to a TGIF (I think?) and ate nothing but mozzarella sticks until the restaurant closed at 1am. Read more

Friday 3:15PM

You took that to mean they got a haircut in the writers room, huh?

Friday 12:54PM

That’s exactly what I was thinking lol. This entire debacle really drove Ziwe's point home, I'd say. Absolutely hilarious.

Friday 6:45AM

Hot damn, that’s an old tweet and we heard nothing about this. I imagine nobody heard about this show from Netflix for a reason then, not to mention why it got cancelled. Read more

Thursday 11:43PM

Brevity is the soul of wit. And now we know what the soul of a halfwit looks like.

Thursday 10:49PM

First time I’ve even heard of it.  Netflix’s marketing department has done another bang up job.

Tuesday 2:38PM

If you have not already, read the Rolling Stone piece from a year or two ago about Tom Petty and coffee. Petty took his coffee *very* seriously, but his home brand was ... Maxwell House, because he’d enjoyed it at a diner once. However, he had *two* commercial-grade coffeemakers installed in his kitchen and learned Read more

Tuesday 11:50AM

You forgot coffee. I wasn’t a coffee drinker until the night of December 13th, 2004. I dabbled in the occasional coffee featured beverage or would substitute a cappuccino for coffee with lots of cream and sugar. Read more